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GMail Stickers Are Here

Due to mailing my self addressed envelop so close to the deadline and the usual while supplies last line, I was worried that I might have missed out on getting some GMail stickers. So I'm really happy they arrived.

Also having to get a $4 international reply coupon these free stickers started to get expensive.

As you can see I got the unicorn sticker (of course).

Having got EEEBuntu running on my EEE PC (more to come on that) I had to put the GMail logo on the lid.


I had every intention to put on the GMail keyboard shortcut stickers but unfortunately they don't come in netbook size.

Thanks GMail for the stickers.

Now I'll have to get some more stickers for my EEE PC.

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GMail Stickers

The deadline to get yourself some GMail stickers ends February 14th, 2009. I don't know where I was to have missed the news. I thought this was the kind of stuff Twitter was supposed to find for me. Fail Twitter, fail.

So this evening's project is to rush over to the Post office and get an international reply coupon for the good folks at GMail and hope they still have some left.

I just hope I don't get the unicorn one.

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The List: Netiquette

Here's a run down of a few netiquette's everyone should be following. But mostly they are behaviors that I continually run up against out here.

Your Work Email As Your Only Email
Really you're going to do that? Seriously? In 2008? If you were unaware, there are excellent web based email clients that are free (Live Mail, Gmail & Yahoo Mail).

mail2webWindowsLiveyahoo mailgmail

All come with gigabytes of storage and are accessable from both home and work. Most ISPs offer web based access to your email account, but if they don't there are services like Mail2Web that can check you ISP email account remotely. If you don't believe me check out this article that also talks about the possible privacy implications of using your work email for personal use.

Attaching Photos to Email
Just because broadband is near ubiquitous in use, that doesn't mean you should use it irresponsibly and fill inboxes  with megabytes of photos. There are far more efficient ways to share your photos.

Flickr logoDropboxFacebookVox

There are tons of online photo storage/share sites out there. Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, SmugMug and VOX (home to this blog) are all free and offer privacy settings. I like Dropbox because it can be used for offsite storge/backup but it can generate links to share photo albums and Facebook can also do this. It's a good feature so you can share photos with friends and family who are not members of these groups but still offers you some level of privacy. If anyone is interested I have 10 invites left for Dropbox.

You might find it strange that I have a whole section dedicated to Facebook, but to me that's just an indicator of the impact it's had in the social network sector and it hasn't been all good. It's brought people who would never have the inclination, time or willingness to update a blog or post their status on services like twitter. Due to this influx of norms there are a few things I have to get off my chest.

  • Tagging kids as parents. If you have photos of my kids it's usually because I was there at the event as well. So it's safe to say that I'll see the photos of said event and you won't need to tag them as me.

  • The incessant noise over the new Facebook redesign. You know ten years ago when you were watching Friends and Seinfeld? Well guess what, I was on the internet. Do you know how many site redesigns I've seen in the past decade? Alot and I'm still alive. I don't know where this entitlement people feel that have over a free service that could charge money for their now indispensable site. Anyone remember Classmates.com? No one wants to pay for this service myself included. You'll get through this, don't worry. It could be worse you could pay $30 a year to contact anyone.

  • If you invite me to an event on Facebook and then send out a mass email inviting me to the same event, I'm just going to assume that you have no idea who's in your address book (myself included) and will consider it spam. Sorry.

These are just a few guildlines you should follow online, you don't have too but if you don't then I just might have to write another snarky post and I don't think anyone wants that.

Of course I'm not onesided on this. What are some netiquette's that you follow or wish others did? I'd love to hear them.

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New Gmail Chat Features

Gmail has rolled out group chat and emoticons and who cares.

Here are the problems I foresee:

  1. Have friends who use gmail.
  2. Know that there is a chat client in gmail.
  3. Are online at the same time I am.

While I love gmail and it's ever growning storage, I think I've used the chat maybe twice since they've rolled it out.

I'm glad that they make so much cash on their core business (advertising not search) and stock that is a gazillion dollars a share that they can fail and the company survives.

Now roll out GDrive so I get some off site back up going and all will be forgiven Google.

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GMail Breaks 3rd Party Extensions

GMail Manager and GMail Notifier (that I use religiously) have been broken by GMail rolling out a structural code change (for GMail 2.0 I would guess?). I'm sure it's a short term problem and I should just be great full they didn't brick my computer for using third party applications. In the mean time you could always use GMail Checker. It still seems to be working.

And of course all will be forgiven when I get my free add supported GPhone. Just as soon as Google buys the 700mhz spectrum. Come on Google!

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