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Wiiware Demos? About Time!

In the three years I've had my Wii I've probably played my Xbox 360 more (and I've only had that for the last year). All be it fun and the source of all my plastic guitar collection, the Wii has always had glaring short comings in the features department.

One such example is the lack of demos. Now this might seem a trivial point but I've lost hundreds of hours over the years to demos and in hindsight I wish I could have banked them for later use of sleepless nights with children, but I digress.

Since the only hard drive support for the Wii has been a SD card which is a far from elegant solution I have never thought we would see them on the little white console. I comparison I have almost filled up my 60GB hard drive on my Xbox 360 with demos.

So you can imagine my suprise when my blinking Wii notified me that for a limited time they would have five downloadable Wiiware demos.


Having played all but NyxQuest with my kids (those sleepless night are about to payback big time now that they can play video games with dad) I hope we can see more of the same in the future.

World of Goo is already a classic and works so well on the Wii you should certainly try it out. A super fun physics puzzle game. And great that you can play up to four players. 

Pokémon Rumble was a hit with the kids but I can see the repetitive game play getting old fast for adults.

Bit.Trip.Beat I thought was pretty innovative think Arkanoid meets Frequency. Of course the kids thought it was totally lame because dad was enjoying it.

The one negative is that the demo will launch the Wii store once completed in hopes of you purchasing it.

I really hope we see more of these demos from Nintendo it's a definite plus to try before you buy.

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Off Wii Go Guitar Hero

As I send my Guitar Hero 3 off in to the void I now count the days for it's return.

I hope I get one of those free faceplates that Activision is sending out to those of us who actually part with the game for a month. Yesterday I was at BestBuy and thought about picking up a second guitar but what's the point, I can't play it for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

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Hard Too Rock Without Music

It was an easy decision to put in for the Guitar Hero 3 replacement Wii disc. If any game should not be in mono it's a music game. The problem now is that I'm faced with three to fours weeks sans Guitar Hero.

If this was any other game it would be a non issue, but the casual gamer aspect of Guitar Hero really makes it a very sticky game for me.

Did any of you go in for the replacement disc? How long did you wait for your Digital Dolby surround copy to arrive?

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Aerosmith & Guitar Hero

The high of last week's mention of two possible new Guitar Hero games in the next 14 months has been dashed with the news that it will be an Aerosmith exclusive game.

Not to say that I don't like Aerosmith they're fine and all, but on the other hand I don't own a single Aerosmith record, 8 track, audio tape, mini disc or CD of the prolific rock band. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that is thankful to the band for giving me Alicia Silverstone during my adolescence.

Nintendo Wii Fanboy seems to feel the same way, about the game, not Alicia Silverston. I'm sure there will be other guitar heroes out there that will surely feel the same way.

I know that Guitar Hero is popular and good luck finding one in stores, but is the user base large enough to support a game riding one bands catalogue even if it does span almost 40 years? Of course if this was say a Beatles exclusive  game I don't think we'd be having this conversation.

UPDATE: I might have rushed to judgment on this game. See what a friend of mine said, makes sense.

Thanks for the info… and I for one, having grown up on mostly Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, am happy to hear about the upcoming game 😀 I actually have said that Walk This Way would be a good song for GH.
Really, when you think of it, what other band CAN they base a whole game around? It would have to be obviously a band that is really really popular, has a huge catalogue to pick from and obviously is guitar-driven. MAYBE Rolling Stones, but the youngens would be like… Rolling who? ACDC might work too, but a lot of their songs are basically the same. So ya… Aerosmith works for me.

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Guitar Hero III Facebook Application

I never add applications on Facebook. I don't want to be a vampire, werewolf, slayer, etc. I don't want to pass around an internet bear or see what happens when I forward that damn husky.

That being said, I just added an application called Guitar Hero III Stats that I actively have been searching for.  To have my Guitar Hero Stats displayed on my profile.

The application is powered by Gamestrata who seems to be a site where you can track your scores and accomplishments in the games you play. Think 2008 version of that high score page in 1980's video game magazines. I can't seen to find anything much about them except a job posting where they say we build Facebook/Open Social/Etc apps but our business isn't based on these apps (yeah right) and We don't like the word 'web 2.0' (who does not like web 2.0?). They might not be all bad since they do support Open Social right? Of course it means more potential eyes (eyes=$$$) for their applications if they do support it.

The application only supports GHIII for the Wii, XBox 360 and PS3 for the time being as it pulls your stats off your guitarhero.com profile. For all this to work you still need to link your site profile with your online game system profile (they give you an identifying code on the online menu of the game).

There is also another Facebook application called Guitar Hero 3 that can do the same but supports all online systems (PC, Wii, XBox 360, PS3 & PS2). This one might be better for those of you who have been playing Guitar Hero for years of have the game on multiple systems.

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I Rocked So Hard I Only Hear Mono

Actually you haven't gone deaf from playing too much GH3, the Wii version only outputs audio in mono.

Activision is working with Nintendo to replace your disc with a re-mastered version of the game that will support the Dolby Pro Logic audio of the Wii. So sign up now for the pre-registration to score a replacement disc.

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Frets on Fire

Those of you who don't have a next gen console (and yes I am including the Wii) are feeling a little left out with all  Guitar Hero 3 rocking going on, I have a possible alternative for you.

Frets on Fire is an open source (we all like that don't we) Guitar Hero clone for the PC, MAC and Linux. The game play is essentially identical to GH3 but instead of a plastic guitar to play you use the function keys and enter on your plastic keyboard. I guess you could also use the Art Lebedev Optimus if you have the cash to burn and rock out in style.

Frets does have one major advantage over GH3. You or the many others in the active online Frets on Fire community can crate new tracks and thereby having potentially an unlimited number of new songs to rock out to.

The downside… getting a blue screen of death in the middle of a solo.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about check out the demo video.

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Have you ever wanted to be mayor of a city? Plan it’s development? Promote tourisim? Build Stadiums and Ski resorts? Sure you have and now you can do it without playing Simcity.

ElectroCity is a flash game (that takes forever to load) from the New Zealand state owned Genesis Energy. It teaches you about power consumption and how we impact the environment. If you’re a school / teacher, they even have teaching resources to help you plan class activities around the game.

The only downside to the game (and it’s intentional), is that you can only play for 150 turns.

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