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Go To Montreal, Collect $200

Thanks to all my FaceBook friends for bringing this to my attention.

Earlier this year, Hasbro held an online vote as to which world cities would be included in the new Monolopy Here & Now World Edition.

Today it was announced that Montreal tops the list of the new game along with fellow Canadian cites Toronto and Vancouver. Only China has the same number of cities represented on the new board layout.

While I am excited and can't wait to buy this version, I do realize it will quite a few years until we can play as a family around the dinner table.

I understand that modernization of such a classic is inevitable but I feel nestoligic for some of the old mainstays left behind in the name of progress. The paper money and the time it took to count out what was owed is now replaced by an electronic debit system. So long to Water Works and Electric Company and hello to Wind Power and Solar Energy. And passing Go now fetches you a two million dollar payday.

On the other hand, than debit machine better do me some good when it comes to figuring out the Luxury Tax and the mortgaging of property when you are dealing in the millions. Thanks mom for all those years of math help.

The local news also covered the announcement.

Did your city make the game? Any you think shouldn't have?

Beijing might have got the Olympics, but Montreal got Monopoly!

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My Favorite iPhone Apps

Over the weekend I had some time to play around with Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here are some of my favorite applications.


Aurora Feint the Beginning:

Your first impression might be that's Aurora Feint is just a Tetris or Coloums knock off but there is dept to this game.

You get the unique element of a RPG with a puzzel game. Yes I know they are out there I've just never played any of them.

What really makes Aurora Feint stand out from the rest is that you can turn your iPhone / Touch completely around to rearange the blocks and move them around to make new arrenments to complete the level.

I can't get over that this is actually free. It looks better than most of the pay games on the App Store and plays better than some I have bought on my old Game Boy SP.

The one downside is that it is a little glitchy and once in a while hangs. Hopefully the developers will address these issues in future updates.



Ok it ain't no Arkanoid but it does get the job done for free.

It's great to use your finger to slide the paddle back and forth to hit the ball it really works well. Another great touch (pardon the pun) to pause the game you simply remove your finger from the screen. Genius!

The graphics look very good on my Touch and for free you can't beat it.



Does what it says. It produces a full white screen on your screen. I have already used my Touch to light up my room to get into bed, but this app is like a search light.

Remote: Apple files this under entertainment, but I consider it more utilities.

I can use it to control my iTunes anywhere in the house using the wifi. Now if I had speakers upstairs connected to my computer downstairs I would totally use this.

I know there are hunderds of app on the store but I just wanted to get the ones I've used to kill the battery on my Touch numerous times in the past few days out there for others to try out.

If any of you have some favourite apps I would love to hear about them.

And if you want to read some reviews on App Store apps check out AppStoreApps from Four20.

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Vancouver 2010 Mascots

The mascots for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games have been unveiled. They are dangerously high on the cute factor so be forewarned.

Here is a little info on the mascots taken from the official Vancouver 2010 site.

Each of the creatures is distinct and special – both in personality and in appearance. One is big, gentle and shy . . . one is small, mischievous and outgoing . . . and one is a natural-born leader with a passion for protecting the environment. All three are mythical creatures with roots in local legend. One is a sasquatch. One is a sea-bear. And one is an animal guardian spirit.

I totally love them and the promotional video is great. Very reminiscent of our old friend Katamari. And yes I'm sorry that you can't stop singing the Katamari song now.

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We’ll There Goes the Next Six Months

A co-worker introduced me to my next great time waster (sorry DTD) and it's called Travain.

If you have ever played the Settlers series, Travain is very familiar territory. Just without the 3D or 2D graphics or audio.

The interesting thing is that the game is in real time and you can't pause it. So if you're not playing, the game clock is still counting. Resources are still being collected and buildings getting built.

Another nice touch is that the game seems to come in every language possible.

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Have you ever wanted to be mayor of a city? Plan it’s development? Promote tourisim? Build Stadiums and Ski resorts? Sure you have and now you can do it without playing Simcity.

ElectroCity is a flash game (that takes forever to load) from the New Zealand state owned Genesis Energy. It teaches you about power consumption and how we impact the environment. If you’re a school / teacher, they even have teaching resources to help you plan class activities around the game.

The only downside to the game (and it’s intentional), is that you can only play for 150 turns.

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