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Get Your Tablet On (Sale)

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet

I tweeted quickly about a deal on a Wacom tablet but I wanted to drill down on the subject.

FutureShop has the Wacom Bamboo 5.8″ x 3.6″ Pen & Touch Tablet for $89.99, that’s $40 dollars off the regular price. This model can use the pen as per usual but it’s also a touch pad and will accept multiple finger inputs much like an iPhone does. You can zoom, scroll and pan without losing time moving over to the mouse. Sale ends July 10th 2010.

If you’re a bit more budget conscious or touch is not a deal maker / breaker for you, Staples / Bureau En Gros has the pen only model for $20 dollars less@ $69.99. Sale ends June 15th 2010.

Both these tablets would more than adequate for the amateur graphic artist or even the pro who has monetary constraints.

Personally I’m very torn on the more features versus less money graph. Of course something has to replace my 10 years plus Wacom Pen Partner (that doesn’t work). It’s so old it connects via a serial and printer / com port. Then again maybe I’ll just wait a few more years for a clearance sale and get one really cheap.

boo 5.8″ x 3.6″ Pen & Touch Tablet

Wii For Her On Valentines?

Last week FurtureShop's splash page had some suggestions for Valentine gifts for your special someone broken down by gender.

I don't know what this says about the perception of the Wii (not being a hardcore gaming machine even thought it outsells the other systems) or maybe this is the equivalent of guys buying their significant others a power tool for Valentine's day. Maybe it just bugs me that the Wii is on the same level for a girl gift as a pink iPod Nano.

Just a warning for those guys thinking of buying the Wii for their ladies. Don't pick-up Wii Fit in a bundle or you're asking for trouble. But if you're buying her that copy of P.S. I Love You (that was released in 2007?) I'm sure it would look really good on that HD television on the left.


Looks like this week the Wii has been replaced with a pink laptop. Image that.

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All Quite on the Apple Front

I swung by Futureshop for Apple Demo Days and it was a bit of a non event. I don't know what I was expecting but it sure wasn't a MacWorld Expo. And I've never even been to a MacWorld Expo

There was a guy from Mac tech support (there's only  one Apple store in all of Quebec) and we talked about apple for 20 minutes or so.

What sucked (and this is a major complaint of mine about most tech devices on demo) was that everything I had heard about Leopard and wanted to check out like  Time Machine and iMovie were not setup to actually do anything. I really wanted to see that star field.

In the whole time I was there I didn't see one other person stop and poke a Mac or want to talk to the guy. I guess nobody read my last post.

I had the full intention of filming my entire talk with the Mac guy, but totally I chickened out. Hence the video of me playing guitar hero. Just taking a photo of the Mac aisle I told Donna to bolt with the kids if security came down on me.

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Apple Demo Days

This weekend (November 1st – 4th) across Canada visit your local Futureshop (check the schedule first) for a Apple Demo Days.

And surprisingly enough they have Quebec dates. I think I know what I'm doing later today.

British Columbia

Thanks to MacSurfer for more than quadrupling my traffic! I was wondering why I had a 30% increase in Safari users.

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I Like to Touch

As I stopped by Futureshop to pick up my new SD card; I wandered over to the iPod section and checked out the new Classic (that I'm leaning towards getting) and they also had a Touch out on demo.

Let me just say beautiful. Beautiful. Now I know why the iPhone has created such hype (still no word when it will be released here in Canada and I can't wait for Leo to leave me one).

They had it setup with wi-fi so of course what site would I check? My Vox of course. It looked great. Though you can't tell with the horribly out of focus video, but trust me it was so cool.

A few things….

  • I was a little surprised about the lenght of the start up time. It seemed a little long for a PMP. But it makes sense when you think that it's really a portable computer.
  • Thin, thin, thin. It was so freaking thin. I couldn't believe it. But now I can understand the $450 price tag of the 16GB model.
  • The screen is so sharp and solid. That glass screen really is nice.
  • Just sucks that Flash is not supported, I mean my Wii can play my Vox videos and it costs less.
  • The UI works great and I only used it for a few minutes. Very intuitive.
  • Should I skip the Classic and right to the Touch?

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The Future of Tv

Looks like Leo and Amber will be doing a live chat on the Futureshop site this coming September 27 @ 2:30pm EST. You'll need to sign up for the Futureshop forums to participate. For a second there, (before I read it) I thought they were going to be appearing at my local store. And then I was trying to think of ways to get the day off work so I could see them.

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