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Grocery Fun: Cheez Diapers

It's been quite sometime since my last grocery fun post. This is due to the fact that Donna's been home for a few months and been doing the groceries during the week. This past weekend all five of us ventured out together. Quite the experience.

Obviously a Freudian slip on my part but I was sure that La Vache Qui Rit's new product was diapers made from cheese. Seemed a bit outside of their core business to say the least.

I'm a simple man with simple needs and regular chips is one of them. I'll never understand or enjoy the bizarre flavor combinations that I first saw on trips to the USA. I like szechwan food, but as a chip? Luckily Donna goes in for this kind of stuff so I don't eat many chips since they are all some kind of weirdo flavor.

I don't know that the story was but there was a huge shortage of bread products on our visit. While there was plenty of bread there was only two packages of six hot dog buns in the whole place. I guess lots of people eat hot dogs this holiday season. More examples of a down market economy?

Not only that, but there was a noticeable amount of product that was out of stock. Very strange indeed.

Probably just them getting rid of surplus from the holidays. Right?

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