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Free Wi-Fi @ Starbucks From Bell

If you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to be a Bell internet customer you can now get free Wi-Fi internet access at 650 Starbucks arcoss Canada.

I guess Bell feels sorry for us since the CRTC sided with Bell over their policy of internet throttling.

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AVG Free 8.0


Only 6 months after discontinuing support of AVG Free 7.0 and releasing 7.5, AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft) is going to discontinue 7.5 on May 31st 2008.

But do not worry internet traveler for they are releasing AVG Free 8.0. It will still help protect you against viruses and spyware but the free version won't be doing the extra stuff like stopping targeted hacker attacks and blocking phishing and email scams. Their words not mine.

Of course most of these extras you can do on your own with a little net commonsense. Virus and security suites are useless if you surcomvent them yourself and do the hackers job for them.

So remember! Don't open attachments. Visit only trusted internet sites and don't install plug-ins on websites. And always keep your operating system updated.

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There is a promotion that the RBC is doing when you upgrade you account or open a new one. I think I was so excited about this because not only is it available in Canada but also Quebec. Be aware that there are criteria you have to fulfill (that I already meet) and that you might deem it too much work. I'm just glad I just have to upgrade my account and not run around and notify all the institutions I use.

For me personally, all the features that they offer on this account will actually save me money in the long run. I was thinking for a long time that I needed to evaluate my service plan and the Eee PC was what got me going.

I did inquired as to when I might expect my Eee PC as they say Please allow 10 – 12 weeks for delivery of your FREE Eee PC from the date you complete the above criteria. The client rep said that they wait till October 31st and see who still qualifies, send out a letter and then that's when the 10 to 12 weeks start.

So I'm expecting my free Eee PC from the Royal Bank sometime after Christmas but before my birthday. Hopefully sooner?

Be aware that this is the low end model and that you can't upgrade the RAM. So forget running XP on it.

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Business Time

Those of us that have been in a long term relationship or who are married will probably see themselves (and / or their partner) in this song from New Zealand's fourth popular folk band Flight of the Conchords.

c|net's download.com has this track as a free un-DRMed mp3, or you could always buy it on iTunes for 99¢ un-DRMed AAC file.

According to Wikipedia they will have a full length album in April. But if you can't wait you can always pick up their Grammy winning EP The Distant Future in the mean time.

I should really start watching the HBO show.

Flight of the Conchords Business Time
Flight of the Conchords

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Free, The Music

Having recently purchased my first songs from iTunes (DRM free) I was very excited about the whole thing. That is until a friend asked "why do you buy your songs?".

The question made me think and here's the main reason I came up with. Buying an item emotionally invests you in it. You'll look after, cherish and protect it. Of course I should also point out the major selling that has stopped me from purchasing music online up to now has been DRM. iTunes Plus will do for now but I'm really waiting for the Amazon MP3 store to come to Canada.

There are two main drawbacks to me for buying music. One, I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to "what the kids are listing too" and two, my disposable income can be better spent elsewhere.

So here's my solution, download legally free music. You might have to do some leg work to get them but no more than you would do running Limewire or Bittorrent.

Believe it or not my knee jerk first choice here is iTunes. I've mentioned this to people and very few are even aware that iTunes has a free single of the week. Ok, it's DRMed, and only works on an iPod, but it's free and if you don't like it delete. That will get you 52 free songs a year. In the past year I even scored a free audio book!

Your second choice is Puretracks. They have a free MP3 of the week also but unlike iTunes it's an unDRMed MP3 encoded at 192kbps versus a 128kbps AAC file. That's another 52 free songs a year for you.

The mother load for free music is download.com. They have a free song a day, no DRM and encoded at 192kbps. There are over 111,000 free songs on their site and you don't have to be a member or be located in the USA for get them. A plus for me. So there's an additional 111,000 songs for you (coincidentally, that's 37 times more songs than my current music collection).

Of course this is just scratching the surface when it comes to free legitimate music. Many independent artists and labels have free songs. Armed with time and Google I'm sure you could certainly find more, who knows you might already know of some. And if you do why not let me know. Thanks. I can't think of a better serendipitous way to discover new music.

With so much free music out there it not only makes me wonder why people download music illegally but why anyone pays for it either.

Dan of we love music passed along another site that offers free downloads.

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Free Flight of the Conchrods Song

On iTunes Canada the free single of the week is a Flight of the Conchords song. I've only caught the end of one episode but it looks funny.

Reminds me a bit of Tenacious D, not the music style but the comedic band thing.

So get you iBut to iTunes and get a free, DRMed song. Because we all know we're never going to buy anything from iTunes.

But if you have, pray to what ever deity you worship that they never break you music like Google Video did to their video downloads.

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Free Comic Book Day

Well it's that time of year again when I get excited to take the kids to the comic book store for free comics.

If you were unaware, Free Comic Book Day (this coming May 5th) has been going on for a few years now and just keeps getting big and better. Mainly it's a way for the publishers to reach a larger market and addict… I mean gain some new readers. But for those of us who buy comics all year round it's a little bonus for all the hard earned money we've pissed away… I mean invested over the years.

There is a wide selection of books from the Superman variety to Archie to never heard of independent titles. So there is always something for everyone.

My advice to you though is to get out there early and hit as many comic book stores as you can since some can be stingy in giving them away (as the shop has to pay for some of it). But where might you ask be the comic stores, FCBD has a nice tool where you enter your zip code and they'll point you in the right direction.

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