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Free Comic Book Day May 4th 2013

ImageFree Comic Book Day is May 4th.

Grab the kids and head to your local comic book store to score free comics for the kids (and yourself). Unsure where the local comic book shop is? Use the store locator.

I used to bring the kids every time I pick-up my comics but I think it oversaturated them to the medium. They have little to no interest in comics. Unless it’s a $20 Sonic import manga. Kids today! Why if my father wanted to take me to buy comics I would have been ecstatic. Actually he did but he was more driver / bank account than willing participant.

For us full time comic readers, FCBD is an excellent opportunity to try out a new title with no risk. I have started collecting a few series after getting a free issue at FCBD.

There are quite a few choices for even the little kids like Sponge Bob, Sesame Street, The Smurfs and Tinker Bell (I wonder which my daughter will pick?…. Tinker Bell) to name just a few. Check out the full list of available comics for this year.


Selection and quantity will vary. Remember, it’s the local shop and not the comic publishers that purchased these issues for us fans so don’t be greedy.

The kids (who did want to come with dad) had fun last year when there was a Master Chief in store and they posted with him.

Free Comic Book Day 2012. iPhone fun and Master Chief

Free Comic Book Day is May 7th 2011

May 7th 2011 is Free Comic Book Day and it’s 10th anniversary. Check out the list of comics that are up for grabs this year and the previews for almost each one.

The two issues that I’m looking at getting this year are The Mouse Guard / Dark Crystal Flip Book and the Misadventures of Adam West for the obvious man child reasons. Also maybe I could get Adam West to autograph it this September at the Montreal Comic Convention?

I know my son’s eyes lit up when I told him Geronimo Stilton was going to be one of the titles available (as we are currently reading the books).

Remember that your local independently owned and operated comic shop forks out the money for these books so if they seem stingy with handing out the comics willy nilly they are  just trying to make sure everyone gets one.

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Attention to all open and closeted comic book geeks alike, May 1st is Free Comic Book Day. I know, again! The earth has cycled around the planet once more.

If you have never read comics or managed to kick the habit, Free Comic Book Day is a great reason to visit your local comic shop and discover how awesome comics have got in the past years.  And get horribly re-addicted to them again.

Now the selection will vary from store to store as the stores themselves incur the cost of the comics. It’s free for you but someone has to pay. Try and go early rather than later or just hit every comic shop in your town. The Comic Shop Locater is a good tool for this.

As always I’ve got my eye on the Owly and Friends book. Owly is just so freaking cute! I know my kids will probably be fighting over who gets the Sherk, Toy Story and or Sonic the Hedgehog ones.

I’ll also try and get the Del-Ray Showcase and the Oni Press Free For All as I’m always on the lookout for a new series to read and these two are a great chance to read stuff outside my usual deconstructed Superhero genre I prefer.

If you enjoy the a for mentioned deconstructed Superhero genre I would recommended picking up Irredeemable at Free Comic Book Day. Imaging Superman going insane and declaring war on the earth and killing millions and no Batman to use kryptonite on him.

Free Comic Book Day May 2nd 2009

It's that time again for the best day of the year, Free Comic Book Day.

There's a good selection of titles this year for ever taste and age range. But remember parents if you're not sure if it's appropriate for little Johnny or Suzy ask the comic book guy.

The variety and quantity of titles will depend on what your local store has bought (it's free for us not for them, remember that) and how early you visit. I'd recommended going early as possible.

It's nice to visit the comic shop with the kids and know it's not going to cost anything. Of course my usual comic shop Komico has a full room of $1 comics and that's where I buy the kids stuff. They are still too young for a regualr priced book that might not survive the trip home in the car.

Those of you outside of the USA and Canada check the International comic book store locator to find a local shop near you.

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May Comics: Free Comic Book Day Edition

I hope everyone had a great Free Comic Book Day this weekend. I know I did.

Powers #28
Continues the story line of the powers virus that is killing people and the new Retro Girl goes under cover for the police.

I'm kind of getting tired of this latest plot. I don't know if it's because I only pick up my reserves every couple of months now or what but it seems to be dragging. Of course I'm sure that when it does get wrapped up it will blow my mind!

Powers Annual 2008
I guess the comic annual is not dead. More of a stand alone story. Delveing into Walkers past from being a cro-magnon to a caveman. Underlying tone is that Supers for all the good they do have made the normals weak and dependent on them for protection. Oh and super graphic violence and sex.

Doctor Who #3
You think I would have head about this being a Doctor Who fan. Gary Russell who is story editor for the new series is writing so it should hold up to the series.

I missed issue #1 & 2 but luckily issue #3 starts a new story having the Doctor and Martha arriving in the future on a alien world and the cat nuns make another appearance. You think they would have a more stringent hiring policy for those nuns by now.

There is also a Doctor Who Classics book featuring the 4th Doctor for you old timers.

Elephantmen War Toys 2 of 3
Elephantmen War Toys 3 of 3 variant cover

Elephantmen: Wars Toys 2 & 3

Nothing is better when you combine great story and great art… unless you add genetically engineered animal killing machines in a futuristic war. Oh wait it's got that too!

Great insight to the war to end all wars and our favorite Elephantmen. Good story showing the humanity in the beast and the beast in humanity point counter point.

This is how prequels should be done. A story that is strong enough to stand alone from the rest of the Elephantmen universe, interesting and engaging.

Thanks Hip Flask crew for creating a book that I hold up with classics such as Metabarons.

Star Wars: Legacy #19, 20, 21, 22

I am really glad I decided to pick this new on-going Star Wars series. Since it is the only book I collect that comes out monthly when I pick up my reserve it's like a reading a small trade.

Star Wars Legacy 19Star Wars Legacy 20Star Wars Legacy 21Star Wars Legacy 22

I'd like to summarize the plot but there is just too much going on and even after 22 issues there's too much back story for me to explain here. But there is a great space battle in issue 20 & 21. And after issue 22 no one is going to feel sorry for those Bothans, the Mon Calamari are fracked!

I purposely timed our trip to Komico to coincide with Free Comic Book Day, that way I get comics, the boys get comics and I don't get upset if they destroy any comics. Hey they're $3 and up, it can get expensive if a toddler literally rips into your collection.

I was interested in only three of the offerings that were available the Stranded, Superpowers, and Dan Dare (by a favorite Warren Ellis). Unfortunately I was rather unimpressed by the lot, of course they were free so I shouldn't be too hard on them. So take the following with a hefty grain of salt.

The Stranded might be totally good… just the part I read. The art is late 90's Image fare and the story pretty run of the mill. Not bad, just nothing I haven't seen a dozen times before. Also it seems that it is going to be made into a series for the Sci-fi Channel.

I was really excited about Dan Dare written by Warren Ellis. Dan Dare was a pulp 1950's sci-fi character like Flash Gordon that they now have the rights to, but unlike Flash, I'd never heard of the character. It was part of a flip book with The Stranded so the story was short. It was ok and I'm sure people will like it but it's just not up my alley. I was surprised at that since I liked Ellis' Ministry of Space mini-series and it was in fact influenced by Dan Dare.

Project Superpowers is your usual cover only painted and co-plotted by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger book. I thought their EarthX and Justice series were very good and I loved that Ross painted the entire Justice series. But I guess they wanted a more regular release schedule and a fully painted book would not be able to meet the time constraints.

Other than that it was an okay look at golden age heroes set free into today's world. If you like that kind of stuff… I was never really a fan of the Justice Society stuff either.

ET picked up Marvel Adventures. I thought he might go for the Transformers issue but in his mind he saw four superheroes and thought that was a better deal than just the Transformers. It was a usual superpower team up book but ET liked it.

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Free Comic Book Day Reminder

Just a friendly reminded that this coming Saturday, May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day.

Be sure to check out the titles that are available because they certainly run the gamut from Archie and Disney titles to Dan Dare from Gath Ennis of Preacher fame. While supplies last of course.

Whether this is your excuse to fall off the wagon again and get back on that sweet sweet nectar juice we call comic collecting or like myself it's your quarterly excuse to pick up your reserve box (because you never got off the nectar juice), have a great Free Comic Book Day 2008!

Check out a local comic store near you and don't forget to bag and board responsibly.

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Free Comic Book Day 2008

It always sneaks up on me… Free Comic Book Day that is (not the flying moneys they make too much noise) and it's May 3rd!

Hopefully we can get to my comic shop early and snag some Owly or maybe a Transformers Animated comic for the boys and I can pick-up my reserves for the last couple of months.

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Free Comic Book Day

Well it's that time of year again when I get excited to take the kids to the comic book store for free comics.

If you were unaware, Free Comic Book Day (this coming May 5th) has been going on for a few years now and just keeps getting big and better. Mainly it's a way for the publishers to reach a larger market and addict… I mean gain some new readers. But for those of us who buy comics all year round it's a little bonus for all the hard earned money we've pissed away… I mean invested over the years.

There is a wide selection of books from the Superman variety to Archie to never heard of independent titles. So there is always something for everyone.

My advice to you though is to get out there early and hit as many comic book stores as you can since some can be stingy in giving them away (as the shop has to pay for some of it). But where might you ask be the comic stores, FCBD has a nice tool where you enter your zip code and they'll point you in the right direction.

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