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Dora & Diego… Again

In what's turning into a yearly event, the local mall had Dora & Diego for a two hour meet and greet.

Carts enjoyed it much more than last year. When we talked about going ET said it was for babies… that's a five year old for you. He did say he had papillons in his stomach when we were waiting in line (that's butterflys for the non french speaking). AR didn't go since she was with Donna in Zellers, maybe next year? 

UPDATE 11/24/20009

The photo made the [Life is Good] explore page.

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Live From The Twitter: The Return of Posts… Hopefully

If you're a regular or long time visitor here to grantalias, you're probably thinking with the regularity of posts I'm either dead or living in a cave. Neither of which is true but sure feels like it sometime. As you can see in the photo below we are kept very busy by our growing family.

I am also desperately waiting for the release of Windows 7 so I can buy a Dell I have my eyes on and get back to editing the family videos (and subsequent posting of said video). As I do not have the time to take my production machine off-line and do a clean install to freshen it up; and after 3.5 years it needs it big time.

Here are the stats of the Dell I'm looking at.

  • Intel® Core™ i7-920 Processor(8MB L3 Cache, 2.66GHz)
  • 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz
  • 1TB – 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cach
  • ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB

The service I use (and many others around VOX) to post their tweets to their blog is back up. Loudtwitter is a great tool to automatically post my tweets here in a hidden post and then every couple of days I can go back and delete the junk and (hopefully) flesh out the gems with photos and video.

My real problem is that SixApart has let VOX languish in a time capsule these past three years. When I look at the other social community web services like Twitter and Facebook and how they interconnect with my digital life, VOX pales in comparison.

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Down Set Hut

Even though ET has had half a dozen practices so far this spring, this is the first with full gear. He's just so cute!

He really enjoys the practices and is always smiling.

He's growing up into such a little man and he's not even five yet. If you had told me 10 years ago (or even five for that matter) that I'd have a kid in football I would have thought you were crazy (if you told me I'd have three kids, I'd have you committed). But to see how much fun he has I'm really glad Donna wanted to put him in.

He really payed attention this practice, I didn't see him goofing off once. As he told me "everyone listened very well".

Unforeseen but not totally unexpected bonus is that he falls asleep very fast nights with football.

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The Lake In The Winter

March 1st my Dad, the boys and myself went up to the lake for an afternoon of fun. We had been putting off the trip for a few weekends and since all the snow was melting it was now or never kind of thing.

We parked in our usual spot on the road except we had to shovel the snow. Bad enough we had to do that in the city, but at the lake as well? I'm glad we only go up once a winter

We managed to get down to the lake (those of you who know how hard that can be in the summer just imagine what it can be like in the winter) and the boys we jumping off the dock on to the ice. In some photos is looks pretty melted out there but we saw cars on the ice road so it was strong enough for us to (thankfully).

The boys had fun pushing the snow off the boats and tossing twigs out on to the ice. They really liked demolishing the snowman they helped make.

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Montreal Railroad Modelers Association

This past weekend the Montreal Railroad Modelers Association held an open house. My parents, the boys and myself went.

I've got to say, their set up blows away anything I've ever seen before. My photos can not begin to impress how huge and incredibly detailed this is.

Thankfully my parents had borrowed my Aunt's step stool (thanks Louise) otherwise we would have been lifting the boys up the whole time as the trains are about 4 feet high off the ground.

For those of you wondering, they only have an open house once a year, but visits for individuals and groups can be made. I'd check their site for the next open house if you're interested.

The boys really liked it when my mom talked to one of the members and he got Thomas the Steam Engine going. We followed him around the whole track. Those little trains move pretty fast.

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A year can pass so quickly, it just seems like were closing up 2007 with Christmas and New Years.

Our biggest and best news of 2008 was our lastest (and last if you were wondering) edition, Annika. People ask what's it like to finally have a girl? It's pretty much the same as a boy at the same age. It's not like she's dating yet. Her brothers adore her and won't leave the poor girl alone.

ET and Carts turned four and two this year respectively. Which is hard to believe they are that old.

Anyone with kids will tell you it's better to keep them active and busy and boy did we ever this past year.

Once more we got our season passes to LaRonde and easily got our money's worth from it. Donna being pregnant sat our the rides but ET was tall enough this year to go on all the kiddie rides himself. That left me able to sit with Carts.

We also made it up to Bark Lake a few times this summer. Not as much as I would have liked to but with gas the price it was I'm not complaining. There was even some nice weather and my sister Kimberly and her family came one weekend. So all the little cousins could play at the lake together. I didn't get to go sailing for one reason or another (mostly rain) this year but there's always next season.

When also went to the Caban au Sucre, the Biodome, met Dora and Diego, saw Arthur l'Aventurier and the animals at Granby Zoo (which I only now discovered I never posted about), Lake George, Thursday car nights and an insane number of birthday parties.

The boys really enjoyed the holidays this past year as you would expect.

ET knows that Easter is just around the corner from Christmas, which is really cute but can also wear on your nerves.
On Saint-Jean we went to the local train museum with my parents, but Donna had to work as she deals with Toronto and they were still open. For Canada Day we watched fire works and the kids played, I was even interviewed by Ronald McDonald. ET even tried out some rock climbing. Labour Day saw us visiting friends in the Eastern Townships but only for the day.

We were also really lucky that a number of my family from out of town were able to attend ET's 4th birthday party.

All the best to you and yours in 2009! I can't imagine all the stuff we'll be doing next year.

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