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Avatars, A Round Up

With all my recent love of avatars, it is only fair we take a look at possible alternatives in the avatar space.

YearBookYourself seems to be good alternative and certainly a novel idea. I feel it's better than most since it actually uses a photo of yourself. No more people asking who's that cartoon on your FaceBook or Twitter.

You can chose between different looks over the years from 1950 to 2000 to retro yourself up.

If you have any Photoshop skills at all you could totally do this yourself, but they do make it pretty simple for the average person.

One thing that did turn me off of it was that it seems more advertisement than content. YearBookYourself was intended to promote Taubman shopping center properties and push users to modern day retailers according to their press release.

But if you don't mind the soft sell you can get a nifty retro avatar to pimp around.

PlanetCreation is pretty weak compared to other avatar creators out there. You are given a very limited choice of options to design your avatar. Just look at the stlye of glasses I had to pick. Of course if you're just looking to make a goofy character, it would certainly do the job.

DoppelMe offers up cutesy Mii'ish avatars. A very nice selection of colours for everything from eyes, hair, clothing to shoes. Though they do skew to the pastel once applied. One major downside, you are required to create an account if you want full access to all the pieces to create your avatar.

And who can forget my current favorite FaceYourManga. Check out my pervious post for all the details.

But with any meme there are it's detractors.

StopTheManga is a direct spoof of FaceYourManga site and is trying to put an end to the Mangatar up rising. All in good fun of course.

Though I think it's only a matter of time till another meme knocks off FaceYourManga. Currently, YearBookYourself is gaining tracktion with the online trend setters and who knows what's around the corner.

How many of you have jumped on the avatar bandwagon? Who feels inspired and who's sharpening their pointy sticks for the coming battle with the mangatars?

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Unleash Your Inner Manga

Following as I do the technorati I've got the inside line on the next internet meme and it's FaceYourManga.

Very similar to the South Park or Simpsons creators of yore. Or think Mii on your Wii.

You get a plethora of options to design your avatar and background and even add text to your clothing (which is one letter short for grantalias).

For 1,50€ you can even buy your avatar in a "digital file" to brand your site. It would be nice though to know what the resolution was before buying. Of course I think the majority of people will be very happy with the low resolution copy they get.

A great little service for people who were not lucky enough to get a personalized animated version of themselves.

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