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Live From The Twitter: Music Tuesdays Edition

Because I have no time to post, I need help from my tweets.

I'm not going to lie, I went to high school with two of the guys in the band. That said, I defy you to listen to the track Bombs Bomb Away and not be singing it all day.

FYI, you can buy the album for a $1 cheaper and higher quality from their site as apposed to iTunes.

  • 07:12 Wow! Wish I had gone Rock Band instead of going Guitar Hero. I just don't have room for 2 plastic drums & 4 guitars bit.ly/7HfkY #

This cinematic trailer for The Beatles Rock Band game is breath taking. My tweet pointed to a G4 YouTube video but they have seemed to pulled it since this morning.

The animation is really elegant and (pardon the pun) really rocks. Of course it never hurts to have The Beatles as a soundtrack.

I always find it bitter sweet to see videos like this of The Beatles. Maybe it's because they were such at great band and they'll never make anything more. Maybe it's because their music is the sound track for a time of change and yet simpler times.

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Live From The Twitter: The V Edition

Because I have no time to post anymore here are my tweets.

  • 07:07 Looking forward to ABC's V remake. Hope it's half as good as the Battlestar Galactica remake. bit.ly/zHR83 #

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    Looks like they will be playing up the religious aspects of the Visitors. I actually reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, but that could be that it's a remake of an 1980's sci-fi show.

    When the original aired way back when my mom actually wrote a letter to the local broadcaster in regards to the Visitors eating rats (or mice) and how inappropriate it was to air it. I also remember watching at a friend's house on their beta or vhs player since my mom was that hot on us watching it at home.

    So as long as they didn't show us all the good parts in the trailer, I think it might be a good series. 

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    Adam Karch @ Bar Le Crossroads April 16th 2009

    As I was out last night filling up the vehicles (gas being in the 85¢ range) I stopped by Bar Le Crossroads and caught a few songs from Adam Karch.

    As days get warmer I can't wait to spend a night here or there out on their terrace, there had it open during the day but the nights are still too cold. 

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    Adam Karch @ Bar Le Crossroads April 9th

    Thursday I walked over to Bar Le Crossroads for the tail end of the Adam Karch acoustic set. FYI he starts at 8pm now on Thursdays.

    It was nice to grab a beer since I had Friday off, and even better not freezing my ass walking there on account of the spring weather.

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    Free Comic Book Day May 2nd 2009

    It's that time again for the best day of the year, Free Comic Book Day.

    There's a good selection of titles this year for ever taste and age range. But remember parents if you're not sure if it's appropriate for little Johnny or Suzy ask the comic book guy.

    The variety and quantity of titles will depend on what your local store has bought (it's free for us not for them, remember that) and how early you visit. I'd recommended going early as possible.

    It's nice to visit the comic shop with the kids and know it's not going to cost anything. Of course my usual comic shop Komico has a full room of $1 comics and that's where I buy the kids stuff. They are still too young for a regualr priced book that might not survive the trip home in the car.

    Those of you outside of the USA and Canada check the International comic book store locator to find a local shop near you.

    Gold Free Comic Book Day Sponsors


    Silver Free Comic Book Day Sponsors



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    Adam Karch Acoustic @ Bar Le Crossroads

    I started off my birthday long weekend by going to see Adam Karch at Bar Le Crossroads. That guy can play.

    It was great to get out, have a few beers and listen to some live music. Something I certainly don't do as much as I would like to. Of course walking home at 1am in the cold was not fun.

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    Guilt Upon Accusation Comes to Canada

    It seems that Canadian ISP's have started sending warning letters to users who file share according to a segment that CTV Montreal aired. I do believe that it's happened before, I just don't have any sources to cite. Sorry.

    Tania Krywiak did a good job at getting the point across to non techies. There were some minor points I felt could be expounded upon.

    • Bittorrent is merely a protocol and not inherently used for illegal P2P. There are legal uses. Bittorrent doesn't download movies, people do.
    • ISPs must merly get a complaint against an IP address, no proof of copyright infrigment is required. Just a complaint. Look to New Zealand's internet blackout for the issues this raises.

    I really liked the fact that Canadian Copyright Law was mentioned to be outdated and ill prepared for the digital age.

    Also, it was about time that CTV updated their video player. I would like to see some embed functionality, but this is a huge step forward over the old streaming video.

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    iTunes Alerts Gone Wrong or Music Discovery

    iTunes randomly seens me alerts based on what I've bought or what I've asked it to alert me about (I'm not quite sure what the procedure is on this).

    When I received an email telling me Creature, my fav Montreal band had a new album out I immediately purchased it on my iPod Touch on the way out the door in the morning.

    Wow, I thought they really changed their sound and they even sound British now.

    Well it turns out that this Creature is not that Creature. Got it, well I know I was confused.

    This UK Creature is just on the fringe of what I'd go for. They are reminiscent of Radiohead (and I thought Elastica as well). It's a tad on the slow side for my taste. Most of the songs are melodic thought they do build throughout, which I like.

    So it's not the end of the world but now I'm really looking forward to Creature's next album.

    Creature UKCreature Montreal

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    Little Mosque on the Prairie: Season 3

    I know it's been quite a while since I last talked about Little Mosque on the Prairie, so I'm going to make up for that.

    Three seasons after it aired, Little Mosque on the Prairie is still one of my favorite shows and the only sitcom I watch. That should be telling.

    What I've grown to love about this Canadian show is not only that it is both funny and smart, but the depth and breath of the characters. While most series are happy to remain stagnant in story, theme and characterization, Little Mosque moves forwards with story arcs and develops the characters. I commend the shows creators for doing this. It's easy to stop working when you have a successful product.


    With season three wrapping up, the show has certainly become more than a run of the mill sitcom. It's evolved into a comedic drama with characters that you become attached to.

    The CBC has certainly evolved also. If you're lucky enough to live in Canada, the CBC is now streaming season three as it airs on their site so no need to worry if you miss an episode.

    Now without trying to get all preachy liberal on you. Little Mosque is probably the most exposure some people have ever had to Muslims other than the news (which is rarely positive). The humor and characters of this show might open some people to being a little more accepting. Like Star Trek in the 1960's breaking barriers and portraying visible minorities in leading roles, Little Mosque on the Prairie does the same now.

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