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The Future Is Now

Back in the 1990's Marvel released a line of comics under the 2099 title. It took place in a cyberpunk dystopia future with versions of your favorite Marvel characters like Spider-Man, X-Men and Dr. Doom. But that's a whole other post.

The Punisher in this possible Marvel Universe future used a face scrambler to conceal his true identity from electronic surveillance equipment (such as CCTV) that one would expect to be prevalent in a dystopian future (or the UK).

Since I'm probably one of the few who collected the series (and is willing to admit it), this post on engadget caught my eye.

As life often imitates art, it's a DIY countermeasure to being identified by
CCTV. It uses infra red emitters toblot out the wearers face.

The future is now!

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The New iWant

Well they're here. The much rumored iPods were unveiled today during an Apple event by our good friend Steve.

I followed the live feeds from ARS Technica and Engadget and it was nice they were both sitting on opposite sides of the hall so that their photos were from different angles. It was appreciated. Thanks guys.

I really like the Nano price point at $169 (that's Canadian) for the 4GB model. If the Nano was out a year ago I would have totally bought the Nano. But now with the release of the Touch I don't know what to think. Of course the $329 price tag for the 8GB and $449 for the 16GB one put the breaks on me pre-ordering it.

Sure it's innovative to buy tracks over wi-fi and surf the net, it's just too bad you can't squirt songs.

So you can get songs at Starbucks and surf for free and that's really cool too. Except I don't drink coffee and there are only two Starbucks that I know of in my town. On the other hand maybe this could be proof that my three year old son has psychic powers and had predicted this union by telling me he wants us to stop everyday at Starbucks for the past month when we past it on the way home from his daycare.

And the recent addition of iTunes Plus and the lack of the dreaded DRM, the iPod is starting to look very attractive.

There's a pretty thorough walk through on the Apple site of what the new iTouch… I mean iPod Touch can do. Oh come on, you know everyone is going to be calling it that.

Very nice Steve.

Now where the hell is my full Beatles catalog?

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the Great Indoors

Saw this on Engadget. Now you can bring the great outdoors indoors or at least the illusion of a window to the outdoors.

This looks really cool, I'm just wondering how cool it seems in real life.

Are you going to except the visual cues of the outdoors and it will fight off claustrophobia and/or depression from being locked in your windowless dungeon? Or after a week are you going to just be shit I spent how much on this?

There are some other cool stuff on adamfrank.com site so check it out.

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