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May Comics: Free Comic Book Day Edition

I hope everyone had a great Free Comic Book Day this weekend. I know I did.

Powers #28
Continues the story line of the powers virus that is killing people and the new Retro Girl goes under cover for the police.

I'm kind of getting tired of this latest plot. I don't know if it's because I only pick up my reserves every couple of months now or what but it seems to be dragging. Of course I'm sure that when it does get wrapped up it will blow my mind!

Powers Annual 2008
I guess the comic annual is not dead. More of a stand alone story. Delveing into Walkers past from being a cro-magnon to a caveman. Underlying tone is that Supers for all the good they do have made the normals weak and dependent on them for protection. Oh and super graphic violence and sex.

Doctor Who #3
You think I would have head about this being a Doctor Who fan. Gary Russell who is story editor for the new series is writing so it should hold up to the series.

I missed issue #1 & 2 but luckily issue #3 starts a new story having the Doctor and Martha arriving in the future on a alien world and the cat nuns make another appearance. You think they would have a more stringent hiring policy for those nuns by now.

There is also a Doctor Who Classics book featuring the 4th Doctor for you old timers.

Elephantmen War Toys 2 of 3
Elephantmen War Toys 3 of 3 variant cover

Elephantmen: Wars Toys 2 & 3

Nothing is better when you combine great story and great art… unless you add genetically engineered animal killing machines in a futuristic war. Oh wait it's got that too!

Great insight to the war to end all wars and our favorite Elephantmen. Good story showing the humanity in the beast and the beast in humanity point counter point.

This is how prequels should be done. A story that is strong enough to stand alone from the rest of the Elephantmen universe, interesting and engaging.

Thanks Hip Flask crew for creating a book that I hold up with classics such as Metabarons.

Star Wars: Legacy #19, 20, 21, 22

I am really glad I decided to pick this new on-going Star Wars series. Since it is the only book I collect that comes out monthly when I pick up my reserve it's like a reading a small trade.

Star Wars Legacy 19Star Wars Legacy 20Star Wars Legacy 21Star Wars Legacy 22

I'd like to summarize the plot but there is just too much going on and even after 22 issues there's too much back story for me to explain here. But there is a great space battle in issue 20 & 21. And after issue 22 no one is going to feel sorry for those Bothans, the Mon Calamari are fracked!

I purposely timed our trip to Komico to coincide with Free Comic Book Day, that way I get comics, the boys get comics and I don't get upset if they destroy any comics. Hey they're $3 and up, it can get expensive if a toddler literally rips into your collection.

I was interested in only three of the offerings that were available the Stranded, Superpowers, and Dan Dare (by a favorite Warren Ellis). Unfortunately I was rather unimpressed by the lot, of course they were free so I shouldn't be too hard on them. So take the following with a hefty grain of salt.

The Stranded might be totally good… just the part I read. The art is late 90's Image fare and the story pretty run of the mill. Not bad, just nothing I haven't seen a dozen times before. Also it seems that it is going to be made into a series for the Sci-fi Channel.

I was really excited about Dan Dare written by Warren Ellis. Dan Dare was a pulp 1950's sci-fi character like Flash Gordon that they now have the rights to, but unlike Flash, I'd never heard of the character. It was part of a flip book with The Stranded so the story was short. It was ok and I'm sure people will like it but it's just not up my alley. I was surprised at that since I liked Ellis' Ministry of Space mini-series and it was in fact influenced by Dan Dare.

Project Superpowers is your usual cover only painted and co-plotted by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger book. I thought their EarthX and Justice series were very good and I loved that Ross painted the entire Justice series. But I guess they wanted a more regular release schedule and a fully painted book would not be able to meet the time constraints.

Other than that it was an okay look at golden age heroes set free into today's world. If you like that kind of stuff… I was never really a fan of the Justice Society stuff either.

ET picked up Marvel Adventures. I thought he might go for the Transformers issue but in his mind he saw four superheroes and thought that was a better deal than just the Transformers. It was a usual superpower team up book but ET liked it.

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January Comics

Ever since I stopped going on a regular basis to the comic shop (there was a time I went every week rain or shine) I find it difficult to find anything new. So this last trip I was happily surprised when I picked up issue one (of four) of Pax Romana from Image Comics.

The artwork is great, a cross between graphic design and traditional illustration. And the story so far is really intriguing, dealing with time travel, religion, politics and three dimensional characters. I can't wait till issue two.

Comic Book Resources has a "commetary track" and a four page preview of issue one on their site if you're interested.

Another series I look forward to and have talked about before is Elephantmen. They are starting a new three parts story arc called War Toys so it's a good time for new comers to jump aboard.

It's the story of a genetically engineered animal army devastating Europe. I just love post apocalyptic war stories don't you?. Yes I know this is a prequel since it follows the characters years before during the war and I've made my feelings quite clear in regards to such plot devices before. I guess I don't mind it when a) it's done well and b) it's in a comic. Great atmosphere in this series, it's very rare that you see that kind of grime and grit depicted.

Check out the excerpt from the issue on their site.

I also picked up three issues in the Star Wars: Legacy series issues 0 1/2 (which is a just a guide to the era of Legacy), 17 & 18 . What originally drew me to this ongoing series from Dark Horse was that it was so far removed from all the other expanded universe baggage it would not be constrained by it. Well issue 18 feels like i'm in Star Wars history 101. Vergere, Yuuzhan Vong and Zonama Sekot are all mentioned.


Boneyard #27 continues the story started last issue of Paris being held captive in the Faerie world and the Boneyard gang trying to come to the rescue using an alternate reality portal-generator with humorous results.

And the last of my purchases Powers #27. The continuing adventures of a pair of cops who investigate (Super) Powers related crimes. I'm not going to get into the story because it's too convoluted and I don't have enough space and time available in this post. Just do yourself a favor and star picking up the trades.

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July Comic Run

Boneyard #25: One of my favorite books, Boneyard has hit the 25th issue milestone and starts a new story arc. The reason I like Boneyard so much, is because of the story arcs. It could just be a one shot story an issue with no continuity say like the Simpsons but the on going multiple issue arcs give the stories some depth and time to develop.

Elephantmen #9: Another of my favorites is Elephantmen. I like this one because it reminds me a lot of Metal Hurlant stuff like Metabarons and Incal. The downside to this series is that they have had so many restarts and quarters (not months) between issues that you for sure think that you have missed an issue because of the numbering. But other than that very enjoyable. Think Blade Runner mets genetically engineered animal men. What's not to love. A plus or minus depending on your point of view is that they do the book as a flip book. So you get two stories in one book. Unfortunately this makes it a short read and you find yourself hungry for more.

Elephantmen #9Elephantmen #P

Justice #12:  I'm not going to lie the main reason I picked this 12 issue series was Alex Ross. Usually when you see an Alex Ross project on the comic book shelf you go "Nice cover" then you find out he's only doing the covers and some lame-o guy is the book. Not so with Justice, he painted the entire run. The story I felt was an above average JLA story but don't expect anything to rock DC continuity.

Star Wars Legacy #11, 12, 13: I've read almost all the Star Wars novels and complete run of the Star Wars on going series that just ended. This new Legacy on going series is fun because it jumps ahead a hundred years or so to show you the future of the Jedi and the Skywalker family. So far the Jedi have been slaughtered once again but this time but Imperial Remnant and of course with help from the Sith. It's fun to see the tables turn with an Imperial Emperor ousted and on the run, who's a trained Jedi and a relative good guy for once.

SW Legacy 11SW Legacy 12SW Legacy 13

Ghost in the Shell 1.5, Human – Error Processor #8: The final issue of an eight part series. Cyborg fem-bots, guns and cultural jokes that I just don't get. If you've seen Ghost in the Shell (the movie, television series) you know most of the characters already. It follows the adventures of Public Security Section 9 and the strange future crime they deal with. It's interesting to see the difference with the series in print because I find it a lot more comical than the film or series I've seen.

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