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Halloween Prep

As any of you with children know that their next favorite seasonal event after Christmas is almost upon us.

This year the boys painted their own little pumpkins and Daddy couldn't help get in on the fun. ET did a great face on his and was done in five minutes and Carts took at least thirty minutes plus painting his.

I guess he wanted to make sure he painted the whole thing. ET said my Nightmare Before Christmas one was cool, but I had to explain to him that daddy cheated and used the internet and his was much better because he thought it up himself.

Pumpkin faceMixed paintDaddy using google image search to impress his children


Like past years, we carved some pumpkins. And by we I mean Donna empty's them, I carve them and the boys check out how I'm doing during commercials. Which was okay, because I had a big headache and they were going to cause my head to implode. Last year we invested in a carving set that came with stencils that are really make the job faster and easier.


Also the boys classes at daycare made their own pumpkins and I snapped a photo of each. Boy they are spoiled. In my day we had one pumpkin and we liked it that way.

So what has your family planned for Halloween this year? Pumpkin carving? Costumes and trick or treating? Or turn off the lights and hide, hoping your house won't be covered in toilet paper?

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Dora & Diego

f course we got there a little later than planned but it only took an hour to see Dora & Diego. Which is pretty fast considering how many kids were there.

ET was pretty good with going up on the stage, but Carts was a little upset. Still I think they enjoyed it. Carts did say bye bye to them.

At the other end of the mall there was a inflatable playground and the boys enjoyed bouncing around.

I have to say, it was the worst run one I've ever seen. There were two security guys running it. One was maybe the dad and the other was maybe his 14 year old son. So the dad tells him no more than six in there at a time and some other instructions and takes off. This kid was so out of his depth. The outcome was that there were too many kids in there at once some older 7-9 year old boys were like a wrecking crew. Mall security showed up and got things under control thankfully.


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Father’s Day Weekend

What a busy weekend that was.

Saturday, a local Zoo was showing off a few animals at the now Wal-Martless mall. My sister met us there with her kids. Let me tell you… trying to keep three kids under the age of four occupied while waiting in a line is alot of work! We pulled out all the stops from candy to ipod videos.

An upside to all this work was that we got kid passes to the Zoo and since we were planning to go for our yearly trip anyway it was two birds with one stone kind of deal.

I was super surprised that our kids touched the snake, I didn't see that one coming.

On Sunday we again with my sister and her kids when to LaRonde and even got them in free with some coupons we got with out season passes.

Luckly, Donna being pregnant and unable to go on the rides A) looked after my new nephew how was born last month and B) took some photos and video so there is proof for future generations that I was actually around and not absent from every event or activity. Thank you Donna.

One thing I've got to say. First really hot weekend at the place so super packed and you're not fully staffed to have all the kiddie rides running. Fail LaRonde, fail!

It was a great day all be it a very hot time, but I love seeing the little cousins play and interact. I know they see each other at daycare, but us parents don't get to see that.

Serendipitously, Caillou made an appearance and the kids were reasonably entertained. Of course looking at the video after the fact it's hard to understand. I guess it helps to be a kid sometimes.

What I found really funny was the kids show they have there and they sing Mika's Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), but in French with kid tailored lyrics.Very strange to say the least.

And the little troopers were asleep before we got to the van in the parking lot.

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LaRonde Opening Weekend 2008

Well we've made the investment this year again of season passes for LaRonde. Last year we went so often that we made our money back and it's a great activity for the boys. Plus they usually fall asleep on the way home.

They seem to have done away with the Sponge Bob Square Pants 3D ride and moved the Nintendo pavilion into the space. It kind of sucks because that was the only modern high tech ride at the park that was comparable to a ride at Universal Studios. Of course the 3D scared ET a bit last year and they boys would still be too small to sit on the hydraulic seats.

It was a beautiful day and the park was not that packed (well at least the kiddie rides). Donna's brother Steven came with us and in 3 hours was only able to get on three roller coasters. Yikes.

The one downside to the day is that with Donna in her present condition can't even go on the kid rides so it now takes twice as long to go on them. The upside is that Donna is now the photographer this summer and you'll be seeing photos of me and the boys!

What is nice though is that ET is now tall enough to go on a few by himself and scare us to death.

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Thursday Nights Are On

With the warm weather upon us the local Ice Cream parlor has reopened for the season and the classic cars are having their weekly gathering at the dinner next door, Thursday night is back on.

Since ET has been fully aware that the cars started showing up two weeks ago and the Ice Cream parlor was open back in March, when on the way back from daycare he let me know that there are "people inside". It was only a matter of time before we went.

Not only did the four of us go, but my sister and her family also came out to meet us.

I always love seeing the kids together. They were so cute eating all their ice cream… I mean the ice cream that didn't melt down their hands. Thanks to Donna for bringing some wipes they cleaned up pretty good.

The kids really got excited when the Impalla started hopping, you can hear them in the video.

Oh and if you're wondering I'm back on the Parfaits.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm really wanting to pay for that pro account over at Animoto. 30 seconds videos are not enough!


kids, cars & ice cream

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Nicholas’ 3rd Birthday

Here's the video and some photos from Nicholas' third birthday party. It was nice to see the boys playing with their cousins and even better no one was injured. Kids love to rough house. Thanks Martine and Jamie for a great party.

If you missed it, here's the video from Nicholas' second birthday. The photos are on my old blog which I do not miss.

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