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Alvin and the Dollar Cinema

If anyone of you living in the Montreal area are looking for a retro and affordable movie experience then you should check out the Dollar Cinema.

We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and it only cost $20. Admission is only $2 and everything at the concession stand is a buck. You can't beat that. It's a two theater cinema so check their (newly revamped) site to see what's on this week. By today's standards it has a small lobby but it's cozy and reminds me of old theaters that have long been closed and demolished to make way for multiplexes.

Another upside is if after 45 minutes your two year old gets antsy and wants to walking around the mall you haven't lost $50 or more like you would have at some big multiplex.

ET really enjoyed the film and didn't move from his seat (well he is twice the age of his brother). This past week he has been talking about the film in the way only a three year old can. Explaining how Alvin gets in trouble and how the Chipmunks talk really high pitch.

We were really pleased with Dollar Cinema and we'll be visiting it more in the future. Also free in door parking.

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Best Buy Matches US Prices

As other retail stores are adjusting their prices with the mighty Canadian Loonie in mind, Best Buy has followed suit.

It really freaks me out sometimes, I still add the difference to American prices. It's going to be years for me to get used to this.

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Facebook Limits

Robert Scoble has hit the 5000 friend limit of friends on Facebook. Do you anyone else who has come close.

Also the limit of tagging friends in notes and photos is 30. That's just bad scaling. What if I posted my high school class photo. Therer was 400+- students in my grade and you're telling me I can only tag 30?

Facebook  Photos Tag LimitFacebook Notes Tagging Limit

You would think after being valued at $15 billion dollars (that would be 14,432,878,569.61 Canadian) Facebook could throw a few more servers in there. And yes I know I'm over simplifying the situation.

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Currency Frustration

After yesterday's visit to Futureshop, I'm still really excited about the iPod Touch. So I've been doing some research on my possible future purchase and I'm a little annoyed.

On the Canadian Apple Store the Touch is $329 and $449 for the 8 and 16 GB respectively. But to my shock and awe it's $299 and $399 on the US Apple Store. USA indeed.

Last time I checked the Canadian dollar (aka the Loonie) was trading higher than the American dollar. Did retailers not get the memo? I know there's more to it than that, I'm just choosing to ignore economics, market forces and international money markets. Ok?

Thinking I'd save $30 over on the US site I discovered that they don't ship to Canada. Damn you Steve!

Just another example of Apple playing to the home town crowd. Maybe they would have a greater worldwide market share if they didn't subsidize sales at home at the cost of foreign consumers.

Of course when and or if I ever get the Touch, hopefully  I won't have to wait very long for 3rd party applications. All praise the mighty SDK.

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