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Doctor Who 2011 Series Ramps Up

If you have even a passing interest in Doctor Who you might want to know that our time traveling Time Lord is returning to earth in time for Easter with “The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon” (See who many times I slipped in time? Oh there’s two more). For us Canadian’s that means April 23rd @ 8pm on Space.

Less than a month away to air and the BBC has been releasing quite a few videos and photos that they hope obsessive fan boys will post and tweet to build up some hype (d’oh!).

I’m not going to break all this stuff down as others have a full time job doing that and do it well. Let’s just say I’m excited and looking forward to watching a new series of Doctor Who with the kids. To bad I don’t have a totally awesome Doctor Who t-shirt to do it in. 😦


New Doctor Who Monster Coins

The Dalek Medal

The Royal Mint has released three new Doctor Who medals that each show a monster from the 2010 series. The revamped Daleks, The Smilers and the Weeping Angels all get the coin treatment in this Monster Metal collection. The medals all come in their own info card and look pretty good.

Unfortunately like the previous collection that featured David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, K-9 and the Daleks, this collection also seems to be geo-locked to the UK for shipping. I am awaiting to hear back from the Royal Mint on this though, so keep your fingers crossed.

Update: I’ve received confirmation from the Royal Mint that the new set of Doctor Who Medals are UK only due to the licensing policy of the BBC.

I know two little boys who would love to get these for their birthdays.

The Smiler Medal
The Weeping Angel Medal

The 11th Doctor Arrives in Canada

Just a friendly Canadian Doctor Who fan reminder that the new series of Doctor Who airs Saturday April 17th @ 9pm on Space. Tune in an hour early and Space will be airing DOCTOR WHO THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to get you ready for the new season. If you can’t wait check out the free 9 minute clip from the Canadian iTunes store of the first episode the Eleventh Hour.

Since I have access to my own Tardis, let me tell you that the first two episodes are pretty darn good and that’s coming from a 25 plus year fan.

The Next Doctor

I'm really looking forward to this year's Doctor Who Christmas special. Unfortunatley the CBC (at the time of this writing) has made no announcement regarding when they might air The Next Doctor. But knowing them it will probably be next year. Which is strange since the CBC is co-producer on the series.

Canadian fans out there can watch the full uncut final episode Journey's End on the CBC's Doctor Who site. Hurry up though since it's only available for the next few weeks due to the CBC license agreement with the BBC. 19 minutes were cut to make the episode fit the 44 minute slot.

DWIN has complied a list of the most blaring omissions to the CBC broadcast if you don't have the time (or bandwidth) to view the full episode.

UK media is speculating if David Morrissey will be the next actor to play the Doctor since David Tennant has said he will be leaving the series. I personally doubt it but I can see the special's plot following the Big Finish 2001 story The One Doctor. It wouldn't be the first time that the current series has borrowed from Big Finish. Rob Shearman reworked themes from his Big Finish story Jubilee into the episode Dalek. And Marc Platt's Spare Parts inspired Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel.

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Comics: November

UW1 #2UW1 #3

Universal War One #2 & #3

I’ve really enjoyed Denis Bajram’s Universal War One that Marvel has translated into English. Hopefully the remainder of his series will soon follow?

What is there not to love in this wonderful series? A story that you think you know where it’s going, turns it and surprises you at the end. Amoral, dregs of the military criminals that have some really major character flaws, who grow emotionally and somehow Bajram gets you to care about them. Not an easy task. Immense space battles. Battlestar Galactica season four should really take some tips from UW1.

I really liked the band of brothers, miltary screw up, space war theme of the series and I remembered a similar series called Alien Legion. When the s hits the f the characters in these two series pull together, get the job done despite the animosity them feel towards one another. If you can find Alien Legion, it’s a good read!

So hurry up Marvel and get the rest of Bajram’s Universal War One out pronto!

Pax Romana #3

Another stand out series for me has been Pax Romana by Jonathan Hickman. Taking essentially a black and white book and adding a few colours for the entire book Hickman has a really unique style. But unique in the comic biz usually means months between issues. For example I picked up issue #1 of Pax Romana in January… nine months ago.

SS #2SS #3SS #4

Squadron Supreme #2, #3 & #4

Remember how I was talking about if Squadron Supreme would keep my interest? Well it didn’t and now my interest is dead.

It’s not a bad series per say just not something I’m willing to spend my time and money keeping it going. You can look at each cover and know which hero they are carbon copying, personally not that interesting. The art is good, though there occasionally is some variation of the line quality and that puts me off.

It’s real shame I really wanted to like this series.

Top 10: Season Two #1

It’s great when a favorite book comes around again. Although Season Two is not written by Alan Moore, Zander Cannon does a great job in the writing department and Gene Ha adds a painted element to his excellent artwork.

While the precinct deals with the lost of one of their own, a new Commissioner ruffles some feathers and twelve dead bodies appear literally on their front doorstep.

They only downside is that it’s a four part mini-series.

Star Wars Legacy #27Star Wars Legacy #28Star Wars Legacy #29

Star Wars: Legacy #27, 28 & 29

Issue 27 was a good stand alone story featuring one of the Sith up to no good looking for ancient Sith knowelege in the deep core.

Now issues 28 & 29 begin to finish up the Vector storyline that has spand all the Dark Horse Star Wars books and eras from the Old Republic to 125 years after Luke Skywalker. I usually hate multiple title crossovers, but Vector seems to stand well on it’s own in the Legacy series.

Grant Morrision’s Doctor Who #1

Even thought this title is a reprint of Grant Morrision’s Doctor Who comics from the 1980’s it’s still a super fun read. For the classic fans, one word… Frobisher! Morrision talked with MTV about the reprints and his love of Doctor Who, check out the interview.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2

Yet another Doctor Who series from IDW, they must really like Doctor Who over there. That’s three series they are publishing. But this is the only new ongoing one of the three with the tenth Doctor. I missed the first issue, but I can fill in the blanks pretty well. Doctor and Martha in danger, Tardis missing and the Doctor missing key memories from his past regenerations. It’s so great to see some second and third Doctors show up in the book as the Doctor’s memories slowly return.

I’m going to start a new format for my comic reviews here on VOX. Since I’m buying a few more titles now I’m going to start reviewing the books in regards to story arcs. I think this will same me time and will give you dear read a more concise review of the comics I’m reading.

Till next time, remember to keep them bagged and boarded.

Tennant to Leave Doctor Who

That's right… after the 2009 Doctor Who specials the Tardis will have a new Doctor.

To all you recent fans, don't worry you'll get through it. Classic Doctor Who fans have seen this before and it's nothing new. Remember change is good.

Besides the average for an actor to play the Doctor is about three years anyway, of course I'm discounting Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston as the longest and shortest stints as the Doctor. And no I'm not counting the 1996 Paul McGann tv movie. That was a moive not a series.

Most importantly I'd like to hear who you'd like to see fill Tennant's sneakers in 2010. Long shots, shoe in's? What are your thoughts?

Edit additional:

DWIN's blog has two posts on who they would like to see take over the roll of Doctor Who in 2010. Who I’d Like to be Who Part 1 & Part 2.

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May Comics: Free Comic Book Day Edition

I hope everyone had a great Free Comic Book Day this weekend. I know I did.

Powers #28
Continues the story line of the powers virus that is killing people and the new Retro Girl goes under cover for the police.

I'm kind of getting tired of this latest plot. I don't know if it's because I only pick up my reserves every couple of months now or what but it seems to be dragging. Of course I'm sure that when it does get wrapped up it will blow my mind!

Powers Annual 2008
I guess the comic annual is not dead. More of a stand alone story. Delveing into Walkers past from being a cro-magnon to a caveman. Underlying tone is that Supers for all the good they do have made the normals weak and dependent on them for protection. Oh and super graphic violence and sex.

Doctor Who #3
You think I would have head about this being a Doctor Who fan. Gary Russell who is story editor for the new series is writing so it should hold up to the series.

I missed issue #1 & 2 but luckily issue #3 starts a new story having the Doctor and Martha arriving in the future on a alien world and the cat nuns make another appearance. You think they would have a more stringent hiring policy for those nuns by now.

There is also a Doctor Who Classics book featuring the 4th Doctor for you old timers.

Elephantmen War Toys 2 of 3
Elephantmen War Toys 3 of 3 variant cover

Elephantmen: Wars Toys 2 & 3

Nothing is better when you combine great story and great art… unless you add genetically engineered animal killing machines in a futuristic war. Oh wait it's got that too!

Great insight to the war to end all wars and our favorite Elephantmen. Good story showing the humanity in the beast and the beast in humanity point counter point.

This is how prequels should be done. A story that is strong enough to stand alone from the rest of the Elephantmen universe, interesting and engaging.

Thanks Hip Flask crew for creating a book that I hold up with classics such as Metabarons.

Star Wars: Legacy #19, 20, 21, 22

I am really glad I decided to pick this new on-going Star Wars series. Since it is the only book I collect that comes out monthly when I pick up my reserve it's like a reading a small trade.

Star Wars Legacy 19Star Wars Legacy 20Star Wars Legacy 21Star Wars Legacy 22

I'd like to summarize the plot but there is just too much going on and even after 22 issues there's too much back story for me to explain here. But there is a great space battle in issue 20 & 21. And after issue 22 no one is going to feel sorry for those Bothans, the Mon Calamari are fracked!

I purposely timed our trip to Komico to coincide with Free Comic Book Day, that way I get comics, the boys get comics and I don't get upset if they destroy any comics. Hey they're $3 and up, it can get expensive if a toddler literally rips into your collection.

I was interested in only three of the offerings that were available the Stranded, Superpowers, and Dan Dare (by a favorite Warren Ellis). Unfortunately I was rather unimpressed by the lot, of course they were free so I shouldn't be too hard on them. So take the following with a hefty grain of salt.

The Stranded might be totally good… just the part I read. The art is late 90's Image fare and the story pretty run of the mill. Not bad, just nothing I haven't seen a dozen times before. Also it seems that it is going to be made into a series for the Sci-fi Channel.

I was really excited about Dan Dare written by Warren Ellis. Dan Dare was a pulp 1950's sci-fi character like Flash Gordon that they now have the rights to, but unlike Flash, I'd never heard of the character. It was part of a flip book with The Stranded so the story was short. It was ok and I'm sure people will like it but it's just not up my alley. I was surprised at that since I liked Ellis' Ministry of Space mini-series and it was in fact influenced by Dan Dare.

Project Superpowers is your usual cover only painted and co-plotted by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger book. I thought their EarthX and Justice series were very good and I loved that Ross painted the entire Justice series. But I guess they wanted a more regular release schedule and a fully painted book would not be able to meet the time constraints.

Other than that it was an okay look at golden age heroes set free into today's world. If you like that kind of stuff… I was never really a fan of the Justice Society stuff either.

ET picked up Marvel Adventures. I thought he might go for the Transformers issue but in his mind he saw four superheroes and thought that was a better deal than just the Transformers. It was a usual superpower team up book but ET liked it.

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Twittering the Doctor


It's one of my pet peeves when people post their Twitter stream on their blogs. Isn't the point of Twitter for people to follow you on Twitter? You can follow me on Twitter.

Well I'm just posting this here for the minute by minute run down of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who called Partners in Crime. This way I can pretend I'm a web personality living in the Bay area.

Be aware their are some spoilers contained below, you have be warned. Greg, this doesn't mean you. 🙂

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