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Guilt Upon Accusation Comes to Canada

It seems that Canadian ISP's have started sending warning letters to users who file share according to a segment that CTV Montreal aired. I do believe that it's happened before, I just don't have any sources to cite. Sorry.

Tania Krywiak did a good job at getting the point across to non techies. There were some minor points I felt could be expounded upon.

  • Bittorrent is merely a protocol and not inherently used for illegal P2P. There are legal uses. Bittorrent doesn't download movies, people do.
  • ISPs must merly get a complaint against an IP address, no proof of copyright infrigment is required. Just a complaint. Look to New Zealand's internet blackout for the issues this raises.

I really liked the fact that Canadian Copyright Law was mentioned to be outdated and ill prepared for the digital age.

Also, it was about time that CTV updated their video player. I would like to see some embed functionality, but this is a huge step forward over the old streaming video.

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Hand Over Your iPod

In Montreal there has been a few attacks and stabbings of late in the Metro and the culprit seems to be iPods. No, the iPods aren't stabbing people but muggers sure are and portable music players are very tempting target.

Yesterday CTV Montreal News covered the trend and SPVM has advised people to keep their iPods out of sight on the Metro.

That's good advice, unfortunately in today's fast paced, sound byte news they left out a critical point.

When out in public ditch those trademark white ear buds for anything else. Nothing screams I've got a $300+ music player and come and get it like those do.

And if you want to go to extreme lengths, you should  always carry an old media player along with your iPod so you can hand that over when / if mugged. Because we all have a few of those lying around. Think of it as recycling .

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Trash Attacks

So one of the large problems facing Montreal every spring as the snow banks melt is that the piles of trash remain on the city streets.

Also this pass year a non-smoking ban went into effect so all the smokers are being pushed outside, even the dances from the strip clubs. So you can image the debris in the streets.

The Mayors office is really pushing for people to do their share and they will even be fining people. The recycle in the city core will now use plastic garbage bags so it doesn't blow away and add to the problem.

A local man took cleaning up the city to extremes when he saw someone emptying their car ashtray in the gutter and has become a local celebrity. I'm sure the litter bugs will think twice knowing that this guy is out there.

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