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Dora & Diego

f course we got there a little later than planned but it only took an hour to see Dora & Diego. Which is pretty fast considering how many kids were there.

ET was pretty good with going up on the stage, but Carts was a little upset. Still I think they enjoyed it. Carts did say bye bye to them.

At the other end of the mall there was a inflatable playground and the boys enjoyed bouncing around.

I have to say, it was the worst run one I've ever seen. There were two security guys running it. One was maybe the dad and the other was maybe his 14 year old son. So the dad tells him no more than six in there at a time and some other instructions and takes off. This kid was so out of his depth. The outcome was that there were too many kids in there at once some older 7-9 year old boys were like a wrecking crew. Mall security showed up and got things under control thankfully.


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