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The List: Netiquette

Here's a run down of a few netiquette's everyone should be following. But mostly they are behaviors that I continually run up against out here.

Your Work Email As Your Only Email
Really you're going to do that? Seriously? In 2008? If you were unaware, there are excellent web based email clients that are free (Live Mail, Gmail & Yahoo Mail).

mail2webWindowsLiveyahoo mailgmail

All come with gigabytes of storage and are accessable from both home and work. Most ISPs offer web based access to your email account, but if they don't there are services like Mail2Web that can check you ISP email account remotely. If you don't believe me check out this article that also talks about the possible privacy implications of using your work email for personal use.

Attaching Photos to Email
Just because broadband is near ubiquitous in use, that doesn't mean you should use it irresponsibly and fill inboxes  with megabytes of photos. There are far more efficient ways to share your photos.

Flickr logoDropboxFacebookVox

There are tons of online photo storage/share sites out there. Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, SmugMug and VOX (home to this blog) are all free and offer privacy settings. I like Dropbox because it can be used for offsite storge/backup but it can generate links to share photo albums and Facebook can also do this. It's a good feature so you can share photos with friends and family who are not members of these groups but still offers you some level of privacy. If anyone is interested I have 10 invites left for Dropbox.

You might find it strange that I have a whole section dedicated to Facebook, but to me that's just an indicator of the impact it's had in the social network sector and it hasn't been all good. It's brought people who would never have the inclination, time or willingness to update a blog or post their status on services like twitter. Due to this influx of norms there are a few things I have to get off my chest.

  • Tagging kids as parents. If you have photos of my kids it's usually because I was there at the event as well. So it's safe to say that I'll see the photos of said event and you won't need to tag them as me.

  • The incessant noise over the new Facebook redesign. You know ten years ago when you were watching Friends and Seinfeld? Well guess what, I was on the internet. Do you know how many site redesigns I've seen in the past decade? Alot and I'm still alive. I don't know where this entitlement people feel that have over a free service that could charge money for their now indispensable site. Anyone remember Classmates.com? No one wants to pay for this service myself included. You'll get through this, don't worry. It could be worse you could pay $30 a year to contact anyone.

  • If you invite me to an event on Facebook and then send out a mass email inviting me to the same event, I'm just going to assume that you have no idea who's in your address book (myself included) and will consider it spam. Sorry.

These are just a few guildlines you should follow online, you don't have too but if you don't then I just might have to write another snarky post and I don't think anyone wants that.

Of course I'm not onesided on this. What are some netiquette's that you follow or wish others did? I'd love to hear them.

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Destroyer of Worlds

Films like Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who not only contains a great message of tolerance and self belief but lets all children know that every time they clean they are destroying billions of sub atomic civilizations.

After cleaning out my system I wonder how many worlds I inadvertently compressed aired out of existence. Working in an industrial environment certainly is less than sterile but the amount of dust elephants I discovered inside the case was incredible.

Computer Hope has a nice article on how to clean all the various parts of your system from mother boards to mice. A must read for everyone.

This is certainly the wost I have personally seen, but I would love to hear other experiences and discoveries made inside your PCs. I would include Apple, but we all know dirt stays clear of those wonderful, wonderful machines.

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Google Chrome

Unless you have a life and could care less about computers you should just skip this post. For the rest of you, let's talk about the new browser from Google called Chrome.

It certainly has some positive facets to it. 
  • Each tab is it's own process so no more losing the whole browser when a tab takes a nose dive. Like when you've been writing a post on VOX for a few hours and haven't saved.

  • It's based on the open source Webkit browser so it's supposed to be fast and reliable.
  • Google has a comic to explain the benefits on Chrome. I know it doesn't have anything to do with Chrome itself, it's just cool.
  • There is a task manager so you can see what Tabs are stealing resources and kill that one Tab. There is also a "stats for nerds" where you can really drill down in memory usage. Nice touch.
  • Incognito mode to cover your tracks when surfing online.

And now the downside.

  • It upchucked when I tried to have a PDF open in a new window, totally freezing my machine. Hard reboot required.

  • It seems Firefox is not the only one to have some issues with playing embedded Flash video.
  • No plug-ins… for now. There are some Firefox extensions I can not live with out!
  • The Chrome logo looks like a Pokéball
  • One of two computers I installed Chrome on did not import my bookmarks. A very tedious task to enter them manually let me tell you.
  • It doesn't seem possible to add sites to a white list for the pop-up blocking.
  • I can't send a link to an email client by right clicking and saying send to email. I have to old school copy and paste.

EDIT – Additional

  • A real deal breaker for me is that the Google search box that is present in both Firefox and Internet Explorer is absent in Chrome. You have to open a new window or tab, but on the other hand you can do a Google search in the address bar.

So all in all a good first release, I mean it's still a beta. And yes I know with Google it could stay in beta for years. I'm confident thought they will work out the bugs regarding video playback and the other hiccups I experienced in the near future.

But I'm really looking forward to seeing where Chrome goes and what new features Google implements in subsequent revisions.

EDIT – Additional
According to StatCounter, Chrome reached 1% of browser use on sites they track (I use them here on grantalias.vox.com) on it's first day of release. That's quite some numbers. I'd like to see the numbers over a longer period of use.

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First Sign of Alien Invasion

I don't want to be an alarmist, but I will. The aliens are apon us.

NASA has acknowledged that there is a computer virus on the International Space Station. NASA spokesperson Kelly Humphries says that anti-virus programs have "stopped" the virus and that there is "no danger" to the safety of the station.

Obviously NASA has already been compromised by our future alien overlords. We've all seen Virus and the Astronaut's Wife to know what's going to happen next.

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AVG Free 8.0


Only 6 months after discontinuing support of AVG Free 7.0 and releasing 7.5, AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft) is going to discontinue 7.5 on May 31st 2008.

But do not worry internet traveler for they are releasing AVG Free 8.0. It will still help protect you against viruses and spyware but the free version won't be doing the extra stuff like stopping targeted hacker attacks and blocking phishing and email scams. Their words not mine.

Of course most of these extras you can do on your own with a little net commonsense. Virus and security suites are useless if you surcomvent them yourself and do the hackers job for them.

So remember! Don't open attachments. Visit only trusted internet sites and don't install plug-ins on websites. And always keep your operating system updated.

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