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More Hodgman Than You Require

John Hodgman, everyone's favorite minor television personality and purveyor of totally ture made up facts is back with a new book More Information Than You Require.

To promote his new book he's been making the rounds of some of my favorite internet shows.

Jodgman has recently been a guest on two episodes of You Look Nice Today along with Jonathan Coulton.

Selfish Express
Faux Tog

Also Jodgman has promoted his book on Boing Boing TV and appeared into miniseries SPAMasterpiece Theater.

Leo Laporte of TWIT interviewed Hodgman about his role as the PC in the Apple adds.

Hodgman on TWIT #167

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Business Time

Those of us that have been in a long term relationship or who are married will probably see themselves (and / or their partner) in this song from New Zealand's fourth popular folk band Flight of the Conchords.

c|net's download.com has this track as a free un-DRMed mp3, or you could always buy it on iTunes for 99¢ un-DRMed AAC file.

According to Wikipedia they will have a full length album in April. But if you can't wait you can always pick up their Grammy winning EP The Distant Future in the mean time.

I should really start watching the HBO show.

Flight of the Conchords Business Time
Flight of the Conchords

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