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C|Net the New TechTV?

In 2004 TechTV was bought by Comcast and within six months we saw a great technology network retooled for the Jackass generation. Those of us wanting more followed former TechTV talent to TWIT & Rervision3 to name a few.

One such destination has been CNET. They produce more original content than most networks, let alone technology content. Just check out CNet TV and you'll that CNet is a top of the line technology resource.

When CBS acquired CNET earlier this year, it finally seemed as the major networks had taken notice of the importance of top tier technology reporting. Unlike what they usually pass off as tech segments.

But six months later, CBS Interactive (in which CNet is included) is laying off almost 300 employees and probably safe to say there will be more down the road. One can not help but think that this might be to the detriment of CNet.

I hope we do not see history repeat itself.

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So Say We Will

I couldn't help myself after listening to Buzz Out Loud Episode 688. This is totally rushed and just for comedic effect so forget how bad it looks and enjoy. Or I'll through you out the nearest airlock, gods help me.

We all have had a moment like this with a friend or family member when it comes to our beloved Battlestar but since I haven't yet started recording all my conversations Jason will be held up as an example for us all to see.

so say we will

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Don’t Follow Twitter Blindly

Note to self: Next time when you see Tom Merritt's tweet about calling C|NET Live try to have a question ready so you don't feel like a dork when you actually get the switchboard.

Of course I don't think asking if Molly Wood is smoking hot in person as she is on C|NET TV is a C|NET Live kind of question.

Now I have a whole week to think of a question.

think think think

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Free, The Music

Having recently purchased my first songs from iTunes (DRM free) I was very excited about the whole thing. That is until a friend asked "why do you buy your songs?".

The question made me think and here's the main reason I came up with. Buying an item emotionally invests you in it. You'll look after, cherish and protect it. Of course I should also point out the major selling that has stopped me from purchasing music online up to now has been DRM. iTunes Plus will do for now but I'm really waiting for the Amazon MP3 store to come to Canada.

There are two main drawbacks to me for buying music. One, I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to "what the kids are listing too" and two, my disposable income can be better spent elsewhere.

So here's my solution, download legally free music. You might have to do some leg work to get them but no more than you would do running Limewire or Bittorrent.

Believe it or not my knee jerk first choice here is iTunes. I've mentioned this to people and very few are even aware that iTunes has a free single of the week. Ok, it's DRMed, and only works on an iPod, but it's free and if you don't like it delete. That will get you 52 free songs a year. In the past year I even scored a free audio book!

Your second choice is Puretracks. They have a free MP3 of the week also but unlike iTunes it's an unDRMed MP3 encoded at 192kbps versus a 128kbps AAC file. That's another 52 free songs a year for you.

The mother load for free music is download.com. They have a free song a day, no DRM and encoded at 192kbps. There are over 111,000 free songs on their site and you don't have to be a member or be located in the USA for get them. A plus for me. So there's an additional 111,000 songs for you (coincidentally, that's 37 times more songs than my current music collection).

Of course this is just scratching the surface when it comes to free legitimate music. Many independent artists and labels have free songs. Armed with time and Google I'm sure you could certainly find more, who knows you might already know of some. And if you do why not let me know. Thanks. I can't think of a better serendipitous way to discover new music.

With so much free music out there it not only makes me wonder why people download music illegally but why anyone pays for it either.

Dan of we love music passed along another site that offers free downloads.

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Better Than Being There… Almost

This past week I've been following CES 2008 on the interwebs-tubey-thing-a-ma-gig I have on my Touch.

During the lead up to CES I have listened to the TWIT round table bemoan yet another trip to CES or skip it entirely. Those of us less fortunate (such as myself) would love the chance to visit the CES floor and not just for the chance to stalk Molly Wood. I mean totally accidentally run into her on the show floor, strike up a conversation, convince her to give me a lock of her hair and create my very own House of Mollys a la House of Cosbys. To each his own.

Every night I would fall asleep in bed reading (on the afore mentioned Touch) about CES products on engadget and c|net and I didn't even care that half of the products featured wouldn't be out this year or never since I can't afford them anyway. It is always great to see everything that will be coming down the pipe in the next few years and having more technologically versed individuals sift through the chaft for me. Thanks everyone.

I did catch half of one of the three Buzz Out Loud live shows that were streamed directly from the c|net stage at CES. I was a little disappointed that the BOL producer Jason Howell was off camera though. Still, not definite proof that he is fictional.

Now to convince Donna into going on a Las Vegas holiday that coincides with CES. "Why look honey it's the worlds largest consumer electronic trade show and it's on right now… what are the chances?" Something tells me she wouldn't fall for it either.

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Fear The Beacon

If you've enjoyed your online purchasing and browsing anonymity, kiss it all goodbye (unless you opt out of course). FaceBook has launched it's ad service Beacon and you better watch out. They might not know if you've been bad or good but, when you visit a Beacon partner site (and there's a ton of them), Beacon will add a story of your activities to your news feed.

I'm just glad that you get final say if it gets added. Could end up being a little embarrassing if you visit sites or make purchases that you don't want others to know about. No one must know of my Hello Kitty obsession. D'oh!

Of course there are the usual privacy concerns, but most people will gloss over that part to get a free service that offers a semi-useful function. Just look at Google.

Buzz Out Loud talked about Beacon on Episode 616. They are way smarter than me and explain the issues much better than I ever could.

Believe it or not I have a Well Actually for the BOL team.

In episode 616, a caller discussed the ramifications of the demise of the payphone, one  example being where would Superman now change? The BOL crew said that phone booths are still needed for people to step into when on loud cellular calls. Well actually, they do exist and there's a ton's of models out there for one to chose from.

There's the Cell Zone, the Pentaphone, the CellBooth and I'm sure that the Cone of Silence could be pressed into service.

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Two months after the  iPhone is released to overwhelming hype success Steven Jobs dropped the price by $200. Yikes. That's right $200 dollars.

So Steve has posted an open letter to all iPhone users about how basically this is great for Apple and the coming Christmas buying season. Also how there will always be people who buy a product before a certain price drop and those who are eternally waiting for the next one. But they are going to give iPhone early adopters $100 Apple store credit to make up for it.

CNet's Molly Wood goes off pretty hard on the price drop on last Thursday's epside of Buzz Out Loud.

Thank god that there are people like Leo Laporte that drive down prices for the rest of us. Usually right after he buys a product, you know there's going to be a price drop. Thanks Leo.

And finally, does anyone else think it strange that you can order the new Nano's on Apple's Canadian site when all the Canadian outlets are only allowing you to pre-order for the end of the month?

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