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Christmas & Boxing Day 2008

Wow, did I take my sweet time getting these posted or what. I think it's taken me this long to recover from the whirlwind of the holidays.


As you can tell by the darkness outside the window the boys didn't sleep in. We opened up our gifts at our place, which took considerable less time then it took to wrap the gifts.


Then it was off to my sister's for the family gift exchange. I really like their Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer inflatable on their lawn, it's so cool. It's also nice to see the little cousins playing together. They got to the same daycare, but we rarely get to see them interact.



After my sister's it was off the in-laws for gift exchange and gifts for the kids. At this point it was only lunch time. Then we visited Donna's uncle for a bit and saw some of her family.


Afterwards it was onto Donna brother's place for dinner. I was pretty tried by this time and Carts crashed on their couch for an hour or so. We also got to play some Rock Band on the Wii.


Boxing Day we went to my parent's during the day for gifts for the kids. Due to our crazy schedule of the day before we decied it would be simpler to do it then.


Boxing Day eve we visited with Donna's family and all the little cousins (since everyone was busy with their families on Christmas Day). Iron Man was a very popular payjama this year for the 4 year olds as you can see.

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Gingerbread House

After shoveling and playing outside we went inside to assemble the Gingerbread House kit from Create A Treat. The boys and when I say boys I mean ET have been asking to make it for a week already so they were pretty excited.


Even without watching the video I think I did a good job putting it together. But the main test is to see how long it stays together before collapsing.

Donna helped them finish as I was tired from shoveling earlier and needed a break. I think they did a great job!

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Message From Santa

I have to thank Cynthia for sending this my way.

Sympatico has setup a website where you can create a personalized video message for your child(ren).

The boys really liked their video from Santa. Even I did one.

It's tailored for Canada (which is nice. Since that is where I live). There are a few questions to enter and they will email you a link to see your video. Just be sure to uncheck the box about receiving email from them for promotions.

Unfortunately you can't embedded it or download it for local playing.

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The Next Doctor

I'm really looking forward to this year's Doctor Who Christmas special. Unfortunatley the CBC (at the time of this writing) has made no announcement regarding when they might air The Next Doctor. But knowing them it will probably be next year. Which is strange since the CBC is co-producer on the series.

Canadian fans out there can watch the full uncut final episode Journey's End on the CBC's Doctor Who site. Hurry up though since it's only available for the next few weeks due to the CBC license agreement with the BBC. 19 minutes were cut to make the episode fit the 44 minute slot.

DWIN has complied a list of the most blaring omissions to the CBC broadcast if you don't have the time (or bandwidth) to view the full episode.

UK media is speculating if David Morrissey will be the next actor to play the Doctor since David Tennant has said he will be leaving the series. I personally doubt it but I can see the special's plot following the Big Finish 2001 story The One Doctor. It wouldn't be the first time that the current series has borrowed from Big Finish. Rob Shearman reworked themes from his Big Finish story Jubilee into the episode Dalek. And Marc Platt's Spare Parts inspired Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel.

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Christmas Day

I'm a little late with this post but it's been a very busy week and it's left very little time for me to edit.

Christmas morning we opened gifts at our place in the morning. Carts caught on really fast how to open a present and his older brother certainly had no problem.

We then went to Donna's parents for brunch and gifts. After we visited Donna's family at her Uncle's.

And we ended the night at my parents for dinner and gifts. I was lucky to get some home made plum pudding with sauce.

I told you we had a busy week. This this was just the start.



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Christmas Starts Early


This weekend we started the Christmas festivities early.

We spent the morning with my family for brunch. And dinner with Donna's. The boys love it because they get to open presents a few days early and get to see all their cousins.

I haven't seen something this crazy in a while. It was chaos when you have as almost a dozen kids opening gifts at the same time.


On Christmas Eve day Jodie and JP came over and the boys got some more early gifts. Lucky them. Jodie has a great Christmas tie you should ask her if you can listen to it.

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PJ Chritmas Day

I took the day off because Carter had a follow up appointment today and I thought I could get some Christmas shopping in also. Little did I know I was going to have my plans derailed.

Today at daycare was their Christmas day. So everyone was in PJ's, and a play and Santa were also planned. The boys were in Spider-Man PJ's (as you can see).

The doctor says Carts' is fine and on the mend, so that's a relief. After dropping him back at daycare, my mom's car (that we are borrowing while we pass judgement on the fate of the family van, just passed a historic mile stone) refused to start.


It got towed and luckily my father in-law lent me his car so I can get around for today and tomorrow.

Thanks to the afore mentioned generosity of my father in-law I was then able get back to  the daycare and see Santa making the rounds. Though I did get there too late to see ET get his gift. I spent two hours in their classes and it was great to get to know their friends a little bit better and see how good they can be when they want to. I also kind of got roped into doing some face painting on a few kids in ET's class but unfortunately we had to leave before we got to everyone.

My niece Jade is in Carts' class also but she was a little scared of Santa. Ethan was the same his second Christmas. Of course there was a girl in their class that was frea-keen-ing out. She just hid in the back of the class. Hopefully next year she's over her fear of Santa. Kids that small usually haven't made the correlation between Santa and Christmas morning yet.

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A Doctor For Christmas

It's like the BBC gives me a Christmas present every year. Be sure the check out the official site for their Advent calendar and the countdown clock to the Voyage of the Damned. This is not the first time Kylie has been linked to Doctor Who. How can we forget the Shada dance video.

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