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Are You LMAO or Just LOL?

For anyone who has spent anytime at all on the internet we're all familiar with the basic emoticons; the smiley :-), and wink 😉 and the tongue one :-P.

Okay as you can tell I'm less than proficient in the emoticon department but not for long with computer-ease.com's extensive emoticon legend.

And when I say extensive, I mean extensive. The emoticons are broken down into categories such as positive, negative, animals & creatures and a host of others. It's even further broken down by IM clients like Yahoo, MSN and AIM to name afew.

If everyone had access to this excellent reference there would be considerabley less typing on the internet.

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New Gmail Chat Features

Gmail has rolled out group chat and emoticons and who cares.

Here are the problems I foresee:

  1. Have friends who use gmail.
  2. Know that there is a chat client in gmail.
  3. Are online at the same time I am.

While I love gmail and it's ever growning storage, I think I've used the chat maybe twice since they've rolled it out.

I'm glad that they make so much cash on their core business (advertising not search) and stock that is a gazillion dollars a share that they can fail and the company survives.

Now roll out GDrive so I get some off site back up going and all will be forgiven Google.

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