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Little Mosque on the Prairie: Season 3

I know it's been quite a while since I last talked about Little Mosque on the Prairie, so I'm going to make up for that.

Three seasons after it aired, Little Mosque on the Prairie is still one of my favorite shows and the only sitcom I watch. That should be telling.

What I've grown to love about this Canadian show is not only that it is both funny and smart, but the depth and breath of the characters. While most series are happy to remain stagnant in story, theme and characterization, Little Mosque moves forwards with story arcs and develops the characters. I commend the shows creators for doing this. It's easy to stop working when you have a successful product.


With season three wrapping up, the show has certainly become more than a run of the mill sitcom. It's evolved into a comedic drama with characters that you become attached to.

The CBC has certainly evolved also. If you're lucky enough to live in Canada, the CBC is now streaming season three as it airs on their site so no need to worry if you miss an episode.

Now without trying to get all preachy liberal on you. Little Mosque is probably the most exposure some people have ever had to Muslims other than the news (which is rarely positive). The humor and characters of this show might open some people to being a little more accepting. Like Star Trek in the 1960's breaking barriers and portraying visible minorities in leading roles, Little Mosque on the Prairie does the same now.

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The Next Doctor

I'm really looking forward to this year's Doctor Who Christmas special. Unfortunatley the CBC (at the time of this writing) has made no announcement regarding when they might air The Next Doctor. But knowing them it will probably be next year. Which is strange since the CBC is co-producer on the series.

Canadian fans out there can watch the full uncut final episode Journey's End on the CBC's Doctor Who site. Hurry up though since it's only available for the next few weeks due to the CBC license agreement with the BBC. 19 minutes were cut to make the episode fit the 44 minute slot.

DWIN has complied a list of the most blaring omissions to the CBC broadcast if you don't have the time (or bandwidth) to view the full episode.

UK media is speculating if David Morrissey will be the next actor to play the Doctor since David Tennant has said he will be leaving the series. I personally doubt it but I can see the special's plot following the Big Finish 2001 story The One Doctor. It wouldn't be the first time that the current series has borrowed from Big Finish. Rob Shearman reworked themes from his Big Finish story Jubilee into the episode Dalek. And Marc Platt's Spare Parts inspired Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel.

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The Economy At Home This Holiday Season

  • Quebec's consumer watchdog,  Options Consommateurs wants the province to make it illegal for credit card companies to solicit new customers. It might be a little nanny state, but the real problem is that some people do not have the life/economic skills required to deal with having credit. This usually leads to bad credit. I wonder if this is an over correction on their part to the credit crisis south of the border? What's needed is education for some and not taking something away from everyone else. Of course I don't think I would be alone in missing all the junk mail from credit card companies offering new cards we can't afford.

  • CBC News has an Econometer (that is updated daily) based on consumers confidence
    in the economy. Right now it's pretty evenly balanced from extremely worried to the worst is over. You can weight in on what your feelings are on the subject by completing the poll.

  • The OECD says that Canada will be hit by a recession and unemployment rates will increase. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says that we're not in a recession but we may face a technical one. I'll say that politicians are proficient at double speak. I wonder if a technical recession will be easyier on low income families or people who have lost their jobs.
  • Since it doesn't take an economist to realize that spending will be down this holiday season, it will probabley mean better deals as retailers try to entice the few willing to part with their income. I wonder if stores staying open later on the weekends in downtown Montreal will entice more shoppers to spend? Even with the undergound city and extended hours I'm sure the cold and snow will keep a good number of people away regardless of the economy.

  • I've heard time and time again that during these troubled economic times, video games are a recession proof sector. The idea being that people are more willing to spend money to nest at home then venture out. It might be true… I've ordered a XBox 360 (as media extender first, game system second). It does certainly seems that the video game industry in Quebec is doing well.

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On This Day

When I was young we spent summer vacations visiting family in Toronto and Canada's Wonderland.

One fuzzy childhood memory from these trips was a booth (or maybe a machine) that sold you a print of headlines from your date of birth. Knowing amusement parks it was probably cost prohibitive and having no money of my own I never got one. It's okay Mom don't feel bad, and no it didn't ruin my childhood.

To our younger readers, remember this was a decade before the modern internet and search engines so this was pretty a high tech novelty and totally cool for a ten year old to pine after.

More than a decade and a half later a simple Google search will turn up a plethora of sites devoted to serving this day in history facts.

My two favorite are from the BBC and CBC. I guess I'm a softy for Crown corporations but they both have some great footage of historical happenings.

Online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia and Encarta also carry on this day events.

The New York Times' on this day page is possibly the least graphically pleasing of the lot but they do offer the ability to purchase a reproduction of a front page since 1851 but it's a wee pricey.

I've always been a sucker for historical nostalgia and thanks to these sites now you can be to.

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Canada’s Olympic Drought, Over!

All I can say it thank god we started winning some medals! I was starting to get worried there.

Although this has been my least watched Olympic Games ever (not from lack of interest, just lack of free time), I was still keeping an eye on the Canadian medal count. Unfortunately, for about a week the count was stuck at zero. I'm relived that we're not going to be walking away empty handed.

I am disappointed with the lack of sailing on CBC's on demand site, I would like to have seem some sailing and see how the pros do it.

Holy crap, way to go Australia!

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Torchwood Series Two

Torchwood's second series is starting in January 2008. Now All I need is to find a proxy so I can actually view the website. BBC America is supposedly going to be airing series 2 just two weeks after it airs in the UK, but I can't find anything on the site to corroborate the rumor. What's more discouraging is that I can't find anything on the CBC site either mentioning series 2 even thought Torchwood is a co-production between BBC Whales and the CBC. Oh well.

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BBC on CBC in HD and Online

Having already seen the first season of Torchwood, I haven't caught it's North American debut on the CBC.

That didn't stop me from visiting the CBC to see what they are doing to promote it. Let's just say we shouldn't have complained about the lack of promotion of season 2 & 3 of Doctor Who.

What caught my eye was that Torchwood seems to be broadcast in HD? I just might have to get my sister (who has a HD tv and satellite box) to PVR an episode so I can see how nice it looks in HD.

On the Doctor Who front, the CBC is streaming the last three episodes of series 3 online at their Doctor Who mini site. So if you want to catch some Who legally visit the site. If you're outside of Canada I don't know if there are any restrictions to viewing them (as the BBC site often does on content). At least it looks better than YouTube.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie

I've been watching Little Mosque on the Prairie and it's funny. First off it's Canadian so I like that (nice to see some home grown tv), and it's nice to see Muslim's in a positive / normal light for once.

I'm a little sad that there's only 8 episodes since I'm getting attached to the characters and the comedy. I hope they do another series.

if you're interested you can find them on YouTube or on Bittorrent.

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