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Montreal Railroad Modelers Association

This past weekend the Montreal Railroad Modelers Association held an open house. My parents, the boys and myself went.

I've got to say, their set up blows away anything I've ever seen before. My photos can not begin to impress how huge and incredibly detailed this is.

Thankfully my parents had borrowed my Aunt's step stool (thanks Louise) otherwise we would have been lifting the boys up the whole time as the trains are about 4 feet high off the ground.

For those of you wondering, they only have an open house once a year, but visits for individuals and groups can be made. I'd check their site for the next open house if you're interested.

The boys really liked it when my mom talked to one of the members and he got Thomas the Steam Engine going. We followed him around the whole track. Those little trains move pretty fast.

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Gingerbread House

After shoveling and playing outside we went inside to assemble the Gingerbread House kit from Create A Treat. The boys and when I say boys I mean ET have been asking to make it for a week already so they were pretty excited.


Even without watching the video I think I did a good job putting it together. But the main test is to see how long it stays together before collapsing.

Donna helped them finish as I was tired from shoveling earlier and needed a break. I think they did a great job!

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Halloween Prep

As any of you with children know that their next favorite seasonal event after Christmas is almost upon us.

This year the boys painted their own little pumpkins and Daddy couldn't help get in on the fun. ET did a great face on his and was done in five minutes and Carts took at least thirty minutes plus painting his.

I guess he wanted to make sure he painted the whole thing. ET said my Nightmare Before Christmas one was cool, but I had to explain to him that daddy cheated and used the internet and his was much better because he thought it up himself.

Pumpkin faceMixed paintDaddy using google image search to impress his children


Like past years, we carved some pumpkins. And by we I mean Donna empty's them, I carve them and the boys check out how I'm doing during commercials. Which was okay, because I had a big headache and they were going to cause my head to implode. Last year we invested in a carving set that came with stencils that are really make the job faster and easier.


Also the boys classes at daycare made their own pumpkins and I snapped a photo of each. Boy they are spoiled. In my day we had one pumpkin and we liked it that way.

So what has your family planned for Halloween this year? Pumpkin carving? Costumes and trick or treating? Or turn off the lights and hide, hoping your house won't be covered in toilet paper?

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Dora & Diego

f course we got there a little later than planned but it only took an hour to see Dora & Diego. Which is pretty fast considering how many kids were there.

ET was pretty good with going up on the stage, but Carts was a little upset. Still I think they enjoyed it. Carts did say bye bye to them.

At the other end of the mall there was a inflatable playground and the boys enjoyed bouncing around.

I have to say, it was the worst run one I've ever seen. There were two security guys running it. One was maybe the dad and the other was maybe his 14 year old son. So the dad tells him no more than six in there at a time and some other instructions and takes off. This kid was so out of his depth. The outcome was that there were too many kids in there at once some older 7-9 year old boys were like a wrecking crew. Mall security showed up and got things under control thankfully.


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Canada Day

 We took in this year's Canada Day festivities at the Arena with tons of stuff to keep the kids entertained and as any parent knows, a busy kid is a happy kid.

I got interviewed by Ronald McDonald for McDonald's TV, personally I like to be behind the camera, but luckily there is no proof.

The Scouts (from the same camp my dad attended and worked in the '50's & '60's) had a rock climbing wall. ET along with some cousins when up. I was temped myself but I'm sure I had a good 50 pounds on the guys running it and didn't want to pull them up the wall if I had to let go. ET only made it up 8 or 10 feet but I think he did great considering he's only three and never climbed that high before.

IMG_6690IMG_6692IMG_6694My little rock climberIMG_6696IMG_6697


After a full day of rides and running around we had dinner at Donna's parents, which is located conveniently around the block. Carts was asleep before we got back to the Arena and ET fell asleep on his grandfather Jim's shoulders watching the dancing acts on stage.

So we let the boys have a couple hours of sleep and woke them up for the fireworks since ET would have never forgiven us the next morning if he slept though it. He was also excited for the glow sticks he knew we had bought for the night.

The fireworks were pretty good for a small town celebration and boys really enjoyed them. After it was over I asked them if they had liked it… ET said he had. Carts just said encore, encore. Luckily he didn't persist in his demand to see them again.


I hope everyone had a great Canada 2008 and I know two little boys who are looking forward to next year.

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Camping, Fishing & Rain

Two weeks in a row I went camping at the lake and two weeks in a row it rained. Of course it would.

Not that the rain hampered the boys in wanting to play outside. The rain cycled from mist to drizzle so it could have been worse at least the boys could walk around and not get soaked.

The boys enjoyed fishing but only using weights and a floater took away any chance of them actually catching anything. On the upside no had to handle a slimy fish.



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Thursdays, Just Spread Out


Having not been to car Thursdays for a few weeks due in part to the usual child herding issues we encountered last time and in addition my attempt to curb my addiction to strawberry parfaits (which is failing miserably), we took another go at it.

And you know what? The boys pretty much behaved themselves (until we started to leave). But over all it was a nice outing with the family. For some reason ice cream always makes family outing go better.

Carts was quite taken by a stuffed dog in a car and the lady actually let him sit beside it so I could take a picture. As you can tell he was extremely excited. ET was offered to get in as well, but I guess we've already instilled in him the fear of getting into a strangers car so he declined the offer.



Superizingly I don't believe I've seen this car on a Thursday before. ET and I found it interresting since the engine was in the trunk and I though it was pretty strange seeing the gas tank lid forward of the driver's side door.

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Saint-Jean / Exporail

This past Saint-Jean the boys, my parents and I went to Exporail. Unfortunately Donna had to work.

The boys really love going. ET loves the train rides as this is the only place he has ever been on one or any kind of public transportation for that matter. I assume if we took really public transport he'd be really board.

Carts was hysterical for the model trains and was so excited seeing them moving around and going to tunnels and over the bridges.

But they both really enjoyed getting on go on the trains. The Museum has a large collection of trains (indoors so no worries about bad weather like in the old days) and a few you can get on and walk through.

The boys didn't get to have a nap so ET was a little hyper and selective in his hearing. We were waiting for the trolley to arrive at one of the stations when he runs across the tracks. Needless to say I was freaked out and terrified. Of course he thought it was really funny. Ah kids. Another story to tell him when he's older.

I highly recommend it for families with small kids, since what kids don't love trains.

IMG_6632IMG_6631IMG_6630IMG_6586IMG_6639IMG_6638_editedIMG_6637_editedIMG_6636_editedhella big garageIMG_6634IMG_6633IMG_6629IMG_6624



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