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Get Out And Vote!

Liberal Party
Conservative Party
Bloc Québécois
Green Party

As I was reminded by one of my VOX neigbours, today is the Canadian Federal Election and I am passing along the reminder as well.

No matter who you're voting for you only have till this evening to decide the future of our country for the next few years.

What's interesting is that the main three parties have also truing the the social media like their counterparts down south. You can follow Jack Layton of the NDP, the Liberal Party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Twitter.

If you need some help deciding on who to vote for or who not to vote for, why not check out the main players sites to get an idea what they are about.

Liberal Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada
Bloc Québécois
Green Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada EDIT corrected accidental omission

And swing by Elections Canada to see what pieces of identification you'll need at the polling station for instance.

Remember lots of people have died in horrible wars past and present so we can complain about how our votes don't count. Also, you might forget that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers couldn’t even vote if they wanted to. Don't waste this privilege and right. Get out there and vote!

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Future Shop to Adjust Prices

Future Shop is lowering prices to reflect the strong Canadian loonie. I guess I should have waited before complaining about the difference in prices. Oh well. It's nice not having to do price conversions in my head on the fly when I'm listing to Twit talk about a new tech product.

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Currency Frustration

After yesterday's visit to Futureshop, I'm still really excited about the iPod Touch. So I've been doing some research on my possible future purchase and I'm a little annoyed.

On the Canadian Apple Store the Touch is $329 and $449 for the 8 and 16 GB respectively. But to my shock and awe it's $299 and $399 on the US Apple Store. USA indeed.

Last time I checked the Canadian dollar (aka the Loonie) was trading higher than the American dollar. Did retailers not get the memo? I know there's more to it than that, I'm just choosing to ignore economics, market forces and international money markets. Ok?

Thinking I'd save $30 over on the US site I discovered that they don't ship to Canada. Damn you Steve!

Just another example of Apple playing to the home town crowd. Maybe they would have a greater worldwide market share if they didn't subsidize sales at home at the cost of foreign consumers.

Of course when and or if I ever get the Touch, hopefully  I won't have to wait very long for 3rd party applications. All praise the mighty SDK.

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1 Loonie = 1 USD

Back in the late 80's and early 90's cross boarder shopping was rampant mainly due to the almost 90¢ to the American dollar exchange rate. I own my double cd of the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway to a family trip to the USA.

At the time my father told me that when he was young the Canadian was worth more than the US dollar. That's impossible right? This was the United States we were talking about here, the most powerful economic power in the world. Even Communists used the American dollar.

So jump ahead to today.

The Canadian dollar is at a 30 plus year high and briefly gained parity against the American dollar. Insane!

According to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty one reason for the upswing in the Loonie is the current economic state of the US. But one might think that the current housing and credit crunch could be really Bush's fault? You've got to love politicians sensitivity to real people trying to make ends meet.

There are certainly other implications to a high Canadian dollar and cbc.ca talks about them in this article.

The great thing is that on my next cross boarder trip I no longer have to do currency conversions in my head. I'll know for sure that's I'm paying too much for that Old Navy graphic tee.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Canadian dollar, visit this PDF the Bank of Canada has put together.

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30 Days of Sloan

My fav band Sloan has a video podcast on iTunes that documents their latest release Never Hear the End of it. And it  leads up to the South by South West Music festival that they will be performing at.

If It Feels Good Do It 08 Someone I Can Be True With 18 Set in Motion

Here's some of their more stylish videos.

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