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South Park Shafts Canada… Again!

Listening to the lastest BOL (RE:689, Hi JOMOTO, ❤ the show) it turns out that the creators of South Park are tired of illegally downloading their own show so they have setup South Park Studios where you can stream all 12 seasons.

Downside? South Park Studios is geolocked to the good old US of A only.
Bad enough they had to invade us in the movie, but now this. Though the site does seem to suggest that it's "coming soon". Oh well, par for the course.

Upside? The other 6 billion of us can at least use the Avatar Creator. Though the Simpsons avatar creator is much better than the South Park one.

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Better Than Being There… Almost

This past week I've been following CES 2008 on the interwebs-tubey-thing-a-ma-gig I have on my Touch.

During the lead up to CES I have listened to the TWIT round table bemoan yet another trip to CES or skip it entirely. Those of us less fortunate (such as myself) would love the chance to visit the CES floor and not just for the chance to stalk Molly Wood. I mean totally accidentally run into her on the show floor, strike up a conversation, convince her to give me a lock of her hair and create my very own House of Mollys a la House of Cosbys. To each his own.

Every night I would fall asleep in bed reading (on the afore mentioned Touch) about CES products on engadget and c|net and I didn't even care that half of the products featured wouldn't be out this year or never since I can't afford them anyway. It is always great to see everything that will be coming down the pipe in the next few years and having more technologically versed individuals sift through the chaft for me. Thanks everyone.

I did catch half of one of the three Buzz Out Loud live shows that were streamed directly from the c|net stage at CES. I was a little disappointed that the BOL producer Jason Howell was off camera though. Still, not definite proof that he is fictional.

Now to convince Donna into going on a Las Vegas holiday that coincides with CES. "Why look honey it's the worlds largest consumer electronic trade show and it's on right now… what are the chances?" Something tells me she wouldn't fall for it either.

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Fear The Beacon

If you've enjoyed your online purchasing and browsing anonymity, kiss it all goodbye (unless you opt out of course). FaceBook has launched it's ad service Beacon and you better watch out. They might not know if you've been bad or good but, when you visit a Beacon partner site (and there's a ton of them), Beacon will add a story of your activities to your news feed.

I'm just glad that you get final say if it gets added. Could end up being a little embarrassing if you visit sites or make purchases that you don't want others to know about. No one must know of my Hello Kitty obsession. D'oh!

Of course there are the usual privacy concerns, but most people will gloss over that part to get a free service that offers a semi-useful function. Just look at Google.

Buzz Out Loud talked about Beacon on Episode 616. They are way smarter than me and explain the issues much better than I ever could.

Believe it or not I have a Well Actually for the BOL team.

In episode 616, a caller discussed the ramifications of the demise of the payphone, one  example being where would Superman now change? The BOL crew said that phone booths are still needed for people to step into when on loud cellular calls. Well actually, they do exist and there's a ton's of models out there for one to chose from.

There's the Cell Zone, the Pentaphone, the CellBooth and I'm sure that the Cone of Silence could be pressed into service.

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Canadian Tivo

BOL recently mentioned that Tivo is coming to Canada. And guess what, it's here.

It's $199 at Future Shop and they'll even give you a Tivo branded wireless network adapter for free. It's $198 at the Brick but a Wi-Fi adapter is going to cost you almost $70.

I can't seem to find it at Best Buy but they do have an information page about the Series 2 Tivo.

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Hey Buddy You Want to Buy Some MP3’s?

Tom Merritt and Molly Wood

DRM doesn't work and I think people are starting to notice. iTunes was the first offering DRM free tracks (unfortunately for an increased price) and now it looks like the flood gates have opened.

Amazon has opened a DRM free music store and by all accounts it's pretty good and 38¢ cheaper than iTunes Plus. But as per usual it's staying below the 49th parallel for the time being.

A different take on the DRM free music service is Grooveshark. It's a peer to peer network (like Kazza) but you pay for songs (and a guarantied level of quality and service, unlike some of the crap you can find on p2p networks) and are paid for songs you share with other users.

I've currently been trying out the beta (of which I have invites) and it seems to work very well in the short time I've been using it. It's just unfortunate that I can't seem to enter my credit card to buy any music.

CNet's Buzz Out Loud podcast interviewed Grooveshark's CEO Sam Tarantino and it was quite interesting to hear.

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