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Guilt Upon Accusation Comes to Canada

It seems that Canadian ISP's have started sending warning letters to users who file share according to a segment that CTV Montreal aired. I do believe that it's happened before, I just don't have any sources to cite. Sorry.

Tania Krywiak did a good job at getting the point across to non techies. There were some minor points I felt could be expounded upon.

  • Bittorrent is merely a protocol and not inherently used for illegal P2P. There are legal uses. Bittorrent doesn't download movies, people do.
  • ISPs must merly get a complaint against an IP address, no proof of copyright infrigment is required. Just a complaint. Look to New Zealand's internet blackout for the issues this raises.

I really liked the fact that Canadian Copyright Law was mentioned to be outdated and ill prepared for the digital age.

Also, it was about time that CTV updated their video player. I would like to see some embed functionality, but this is a huge step forward over the old streaming video.

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Automate Bittorent Downloads

Here's my new reason why Bittorrent is just not for stealing copyrighted material anymore. Ready for it?

Automated RSS feed torrent downloads. Well I guess the title of this post kind of gave it away didn't it. But that doesn't matter. Jake Ludington's MediaBlab has a great walk through on how to setup and use this super useful and time saving Azureus plugin.

I'm totally using this to get all my favorite programing from Revision3. I hate to admit it, but I have stopped watching REV3 content mainly because of the extra step of having to download the episodes. But no more! Now I'll be able to catch all their pack shaped goodness. Especially the new Tekzilla where Patrick Norton dropped the F-bomb in the first episode. Couldn't do that on TechTv now could we Mr. Norton.

Of course I will miss the old InDigital.

Tekzilla Epsiode 1

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