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Happy 2nd Voxiversary: Best of The Best

Here are some of the more memorable posts by month here at grantalias over the past year.

  • December Saint or Villan. Me worrying about the similarities between Santa Claus and Pirates.
  • January Then & Now Melbourne. Having undertaken scanning the family slides, I discovered some from the Australian side of the family. I spent a couple of days on google image search matching up the photos with past and present landmarks of a city I've never been to. Both educational and fun.
  • February Free, The Music. After a friend asked me why I buy music, I wrote this post about what the drawbacks to buying DRMed music and free alternatives to p2p file sharing.
  • March You Can Never Go Back. I wrote this post after visiting downtown and feeling a little sentimental about my youth I spent there.
  • April Twittering the Doctor. Staying up late I watched the season four premier of Doctor Who and twittered it from the couch on my iPod Touch.
  • May Fly You To The Moon. I added all the family's names to the payload of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Space here we come.
  • June The True North Strong and Free, But Tolerant? I talked about the downside to being an Anglo minority in Quebec and how my kids might react to it when they are older.
  • July iPhone Canada Launch. Still way to expensive in my book, I checked out the launch of the iPhone 3G.
  • August. Go To Montreal, Collect $200. Montreal was named the number one spot in the new Monolopy Here & Now World Edition.
  • September Google Chrome. Like most geeks out there I downloaded and tried out Google's browser Chrome.
  • October The List: Netiquette. Some tips I have for people in regards to email, photo sharing and Facebook.
  • November I Got DMCAed. Probably the biggest news is when I got a notice from YouTube about using copyrighted music in a family video.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Continuing our week long voxiversary celebrations here at grantalias.

Over this past year I've posted tons. Most were forgettable but for argument's sake lets just pretend they were all golden. Ok? Some were fun, others serious and most self-deprecating. But they all helped me (I feel) improve my writing and it was time well spent .

Here are some of my favorites.

  • Sealand has managed to garner two posts here on grantalias over the past year. One about the principality going up for sale and the other how to get your very own lordly title. I don't know what it's about Sealand that captures my imagination but I get so excited just at the mention of it.
  • I have no problem laughing at myself, just so long as I'm the one making the jokes. And there certainly hasn't been a shortage of material to be inspired by this past year. Whether I was pulling a Henry Kissinger, grocery shopping with a headache, crushing on Doc Cottle or terrified of spiders growing in my ear I tried to laugh at the situation every time.
  • VOX has provided me with a perfect outlet for one of my favorite past times, the rant. Three things that I cannot stand are email hoaxes, prequels and Michael Bay films.
  • When VOX partnered with Snap, I posted on the features of SnapShots. What's really cool was being mentioned on the Snap blog along with other VOXers who were using the service. Famous! Like many other VOXers I got a free pack of Moo Cards to help promote my blog. I still have every intention to order more, I just need the money to do so.
  • But it can't be all fun and games here at grantalias. Sometimes I let down that blogging wall and talk about subjects that have touched me such as Dr. Herbert Savel's artwork or political questions here at home.

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