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Gen 1 iPhone’s Hiding Out in Canada

When Steve released the first generation iPhone he had the great idea to recess the headphone jack so you would only use Apple headphones (or buy an adapter).

With the iPhone 3G release that issue was rectified as Steve decided to let the consumer use any kid of headphones with his phone.

The 3G iPhone has been the only iPhone released in Canada to date (come on iPhone Nano). Sure you could have got a jailbroken one for a kings ransom but you lived in fear of it being bricked and no support from your carrier.

So here's my question. Since Best Buy is carrying the headphone adapter does that mean A) that there are so many jailbroken iPhones around that due to demand that they are now carrying them. Or B) is it simply an inventory screw up and no one realized that the gen one iPhone was never released here. A little column A and a little column B perhaps?

Does Bust Buy know that they are supporting the black market by carrying this?

Or maybe I should just shut up and be happy that the lady at customer service gave me the online sales price ($79.99) for my new iHome iPod alarm clock.

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Survey? Survey? Survey?

I continually get this popup from BestBuy about taking a customer satisfaction survey. You know what would satisfie your clients BestBuy? After a dozen times of clicking no thanks you might want to stop pestering your client base. I know that would make me happy.

At least if you had a Wacom sale going on like FutureShop I might forgive you. If I had the money I would probably get one as my eight year old Wacom connects using a serial (that I have to emulate with a USB emulator) and com port.

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Of Course: The Home Network Edition

You know when you're trying to save money and yet you spend more than ever? Well that's where I am right now.

Having just got the XBox and the 50 feet of Ethernet cable required to set it up on the network, my home network melts. Figuratively.

So after days of Bell tech support to India (nothing against out sourcing, if we'd work for as little as them we'd still have jobs) a technician came to the house.

He discovered a short somewhere in the house phone system and separated it from the DSL. It might have something to do with the previous owner adding additional jacks throughout the home himself.

The modem was tested and found to be working fine. That meant that the 5 year old wireless B router had packed in. Bell offered me one of their home network routers, but I'd lose my old grandfathered unlimited account, pay more and have to wait till late next week to receive it in the mail.

So after a quick run to BestBuy, purchasing a new Linksys router and a few hours digging around my connection settings (router and desktop) everything seems to be working fine. For now. Who's the patron Saint of home networks again?

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XBOX 360 Hard Drive Prices

I've been looking around for a Xbox 360 hard drive to go along with my XBox 360 and I'm really taken aback by the prices. I think I'll end up getting the 60GB as it is not that expensive, but searching online has led me to some not great prices for the 120GB model.

Most places like Best Buy, Future Shop & The Source all have it for $159.99. Costco, where you are supposed to find deals has it for the most expensive at $199.99. Tiger Direct is right behind at $194.99 and they list the original price at $251.99!!!

What really gets me is that my LaCie drive was cheaper at six times the storage. To bad you have to use the official hard drive for save files and demos and no generic drive would do. Microsoft must have a pretty good margine on those drives.

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QotD: The Season of Giving

The holidays are right around the corner, which means gift-giving (and buying) season is upon us. When do you usually purchase your gifts? What are the benefits/disadvantages of buying when you do?
Sponsored by Best Buy.

Usually later than sooner. It's usually a mad dash at the end since I'm never shopping by myself and have to wait for alone time to shop for my wife.

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HD DVD Aftermath

Now that the format war is over with HD DVD conceding defeat to Blu-ray, where does this leave those early adopters of the now obsolete HD DVD format? To find out, I contacted both Future Shop and Best Buy communications departments.

Both Future Shop and Best Buy as one would expect are pointing clients to their in house tech support (FutureShop forums and the Geek Squad respectively) to answer questions about Blu-ray. Though Best Buy does say that starting in March they "will prominently showcase Blu-ray hardware and software products in its stores and online". I would also think Future Shop will be doing the same even if they did not mention such a move explicitly.

Future Shop and Best Buy are liquidating their HD-DVD players (one is available for $99) but they made no mention of any similar price reductions on films. We might have to wait a while since there are still films scheduled for release on HD-DVD well into May 2008.  I would think that we'll see this list shrink as studios want to cut their losses on the dead format will cancel HD-DVD releases in favor for Blu-ray, but perhaps not all. Dreamworks animation has some questions about dropping HD-DVD for the moment.

On the bright side if you unfortunately joined the HD-DVD camp both Future Shop and Best Buy will continue to honor warranties and offer support. But the clock is ticking on this and eventually (in years) I would expect them to no longer  do so.

Now lets start the real format war… Blu-ray versus DVD.

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Canadian Tivo

BOL recently mentioned that Tivo is coming to Canada. And guess what, it's here.

It's $199 at Future Shop and they'll even give you a Tivo branded wireless network adapter for free. It's $198 at the Brick but a Wi-Fi adapter is going to cost you almost $70.

I can't seem to find it at Best Buy but they do have an information page about the Series 2 Tivo.

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Jailbreaked iPod Touch at Bestbuy?

I'm no expert but this looks like a hacked iPod Touch on display at my local Bestbuy. Sorry for the poor quality of the shot (my camera refuses to focus on that screen) but you can make out Installer and Sketches buttons. So did someone return this jailbreaked or is the staff having some fun?

The thing I'm worried about is that people are going to demo this and like the Sketches application, buy one and then they'll be disappointed when they get home and discover Sketches in not included. This demo unit is

basically promoting people to hack their iPod Touch.

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Listing to the TWIT network recently I've heard Leo asking the question, who would want an iPod Classic when they could get the iPod Touch (releases October 1st here in Canada). Looks like Best Buy doesn't know either and isn't advertising it on there main page. Though it's still $20 off.

Are they alredy starting to down play the classic form factor? Maybe they are just gearing up for the HHD based iTouch that will eventually come out. Oh you know it's coming.

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