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First Camping


We visited with our friends Aaron & Cynthia and their kids at their cottage on Saturday (all be it a little later then we planned, first camping of the season is always rough and takes forever to pack for).

Let's just say it's never a good sign when your GPS shows you driving through trees. Thank goodness Aaron was waiting for us out on the road and led us the last little bit to their place. I was staring to get worried that we had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

That afternoon we drove over to my parents campsite (my sister and her family were also there) for an afternoon of swimming and later for dinner. It was a little crazy with seven kids under the age of five but it was still fun to see everyone.



I stayed up with my brother in law Phil by the fire (with a few beers) and whet to bed around midnight. Around 5am the kids woke up. Thankfully my sister Kim took them for a bit and let me sleep in.

It might look like I took the boys sailing the whole day, but it was really my dad who took them for two of the three races. My Lazer is a little small with an adult and two pre-schoolers.


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The Lake In The Winter

March 1st my Dad, the boys and myself went up to the lake for an afternoon of fun. We had been putting off the trip for a few weekends and since all the snow was melting it was now or never kind of thing.

We parked in our usual spot on the road except we had to shovel the snow. Bad enough we had to do that in the city, but at the lake as well? I'm glad we only go up once a winter

We managed to get down to the lake (those of you who know how hard that can be in the summer just imagine what it can be like in the winter) and the boys we jumping off the dock on to the ice. In some photos is looks pretty melted out there but we saw cars on the ice road so it was strong enough for us to (thankfully).

The boys had fun pushing the snow off the boats and tossing twigs out on to the ice. They really liked demolishing the snowman they helped make.

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Camping & Great Weather… At The Same Time

In what will probably be our last camping of the season we spent a great weekend at the lake.

My sister and her family also came up, what a great surprise. I don't know what it is but the boys seem so much more manageable when they have their cousin around.

My dad took ET swimming and he's really getting the hang of it. ET not my dad. ET has really improved this summer considering how many times we've been swimming which is not much.

On Sunday morning the boys woke up at 5am! I had to light lanterns in the gazebo since it was still dark for the next hour. I was not in the best of moods. Thankfully at 7:30am Donna let me take a three hour nap. I felt human when I woke up at 11am.

And a big thanks to Kim & Phil who took all four kids for a walk and boat ride in which my two fell asleep (maybe because they woke up in the middle of the night!?!)

The funny thing is that I forgot my digital camera at home. For some that's like forgetting their arm. So my mom let me use her's. Thanks mom!

And to top off a great weekend, there was no traffic coming home.

IMG_4163IMG_4194IMG_4193IMG_4192IMG_4191IMG_4186Three Little CousinsIMG_4183IMG_4180IMG_4179IMG_4177IMG_4175IMG_4166IMG_4164


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Camping, Fishing & Rain

Two weeks in a row I went camping at the lake and two weeks in a row it rained. Of course it would.

Not that the rain hampered the boys in wanting to play outside. The rain cycled from mist to drizzle so it could have been worse at least the boys could walk around and not get soaked.

The boys enjoyed fishing but only using weights and a floater took away any chance of them actually catching anything. On the upside no had to handle a slimy fish.



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Camping With The Parents

Alternately this post could be titled How My Dad Is Still Trying To Do Me In And Make It Look Like An Accident, but more on that latter in the post.

This past weekend I got away (alone) and went camping with my parents. I find it funny and reassuring that no matter how old I am (or how many kids I have myself), I'm still my parent's kid.

One of the projects was to get the mast of my dad's sailboat up. It's huge, aluminum and sits in a small cup the size of a hard boiled egg holder on the deck. The three stays hold it in place magically.

I've always had an irrational unease when my dad puts the mast up. And after 20 years I was proven correct. After we got the mast up and all that was left to do was tighten up the turnbuckles on the three stays, one of them snapped sending the mast into the lake and missed me by two meters. Scared the crap out of me!

No you we're trying to kill me Dad. Yes I can hear you grumble as you read this.

Luckily no damage to the boat, mast, or my person but the broken turnbuckle put my dad's sailboat out of commission until he gets a new one delivered (hopefully before this coming weekend).

But it all kind of worked out (as things usually do) since it rained Sunday morning and the sailing races were canceled. Unfortunately they were to be held off our dock.

All in all it was still great to get up to the lake, have a beer by the fire, sleep in a tent, get a nap and for a few hours take it easy.

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First Trip To The Lake…

… of the year that is.

It was hot and buggy but I've certainly seen worst over the years.

The big news is that at the landing they have open wi-fi and I tweeted our progress with my iPod.

I passed the sailing race already in progress, with what looked like very little wind so I didn't feel very bad so not attending.

But any of you who have been the lake know that your experience is not complete with out a rain storm, and that's what we got. And yes it's sunny at the other end of the lake.

Rain on the lakeIMG_6428IMG_6421IMG_6418IMG_6416IMG_6415IMG_6414IMG_6413IMG_6409IMG_6410

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Winter on Bark Lake

For the first time in at least four years I spent a day at Bark Lake in the winter. It just the boys (my dad, my brother in-law Phil and ET).

We stopped at Harvey's in Saint-Sauveur (a really nice tourist town if you want to visit) for lunch and then it was on to the lake.

I have missed seeing the Laurentians during the winter. I find it can be a little surreal in the winter because even thought I know that it's winter up there too I very rarely get to see it.

My dad's reason for us to go is making sure that nothing has collapsed under the snow (and this year we sure have had our share) but I think he just wants to see the lake and has to justify the trip. Of course if the shed did collapse or a falling tree took a boat or two there's nothing we can really do till the spring anyways.

Our friend Andreas met us at our dock as he and his parents are visiting the lake from Germany (and their cottage is winterized). After clearing the snow off the boats and shed, Andreas drove us down the lake on the ice road (a first for me) to his cottage. We had a very nice visit with his parents and ET enjoyed exploring their cottage and playing with their board games.


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Old Friends

Last weekend my schedule finally overlapped for the first time in 3 years with some old Bark Lake friends, Tobi and Bianca. They flew all the way from Germany with three friends for an 8 day stay at the lake. Unfortunately it was after most of the super hot summer weather.

I only got to see them one night but it was great to finally see them in person and catch up. At Bark Lake it doesn't matter how much time passes you're still friends.

On Sunday morning before we left for sailing Ethan wanted to go up the hill. On the way down I got totally nailed my a wasp. I'm glad he's small so that he won't carry the memory of his father screaming like a little girl. I just hope that It's another 15 years till my next wasp sting. Ouch.


At the Sunday sailing race for the first time for me this summer anyway there was actually some wind to speak of. Ethan really insisted on joining me, which was nice since he usually doesn't want to. I was worried when the wind picked up and boat started to lean but he was great and held on and didn't fall out of the cockpit.



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