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AVG Free 8.0


Only 6 months after discontinuing support of AVG Free 7.0 and releasing 7.5, AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft) is going to discontinue 7.5 on May 31st 2008.

But do not worry internet traveler for they are releasing AVG Free 8.0. It will still help protect you against viruses and spyware but the free version won't be doing the extra stuff like stopping targeted hacker attacks and blocking phishing and email scams. Their words not mine.

Of course most of these extras you can do on your own with a little net commonsense. Virus and security suites are useless if you surcomvent them yourself and do the hackers job for them.

So remember! Don't open attachments. Visit only trusted internet sites and don't install plug-ins on websites. And always keep your operating system updated.

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AVG 7.5 Free

I've been using AVG Free version as a virus scan for so long I can't remember. N-e-who they've sent out notices that they are discontinuing their support for ver 7.0. This is a problem for me since everyone I do tech support for I install this for them (about 4 machines).


I told my friend JP about it and he pointed me to a entry on the Ztele la Revanche des Nerdz about how they are releasing a free version of the new 7.5.

So if you're using AVG Free 7.0 get over to Girsoft and download version 7.5 Free.

thanks JP.

ps. oh and JP remember how I wanted to copy it off your system I wouldn't have to download because I don't have you fast cable net connection? Well it's taken about 30 minutes to get it on my DSL.

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