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Roz Savage

Have you ever thought that your life could use some more excitement? Sure, we all do once in a while and that's a natural. But most of us don't go to the extremes of Roz Savage.

In her mid 30's she quite her job and gave up the quite suburban life to solo row the Atlantic in 2006.

After an aborted attempt last year Roz is currently off the west of coast of the United States rowing to Australia. If this attempt is successful she'll be the first woman to row the Pacific ocean.

Roz has daily updates on her blog and you can follow her on twitter (unfortunately they are having some difficulties right now with her twittering from the satellite phone). You can even follow Roz's progress from her GPS. There will even be a podcast (in the near future) from the TWIT network. Chief Twit Leo Laporte said on a recent show that the podcast hasn't launched yet due to the last minute departure of Roz to take advantage of favorable weather conditions. Also check out Roz's Smug Mug photos.

It just blows my mind. Alone for months in the middle of the ocean. Wow!

UPDATE: The TWIT podcast Roz Rows is now live.

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Then & Now: Princes Bridge & The Yarra River Melbourne

I'm really getting a crash course of historical Melbourne in the process of my little project. The Princes Bridge is actually the third in that location since 1844. Just across the Yarra river is Flinders Street Station but it is obscured in the 2006 photo by trees and the low angle of the photo. It's quite impressive to see the growth of the skyline since 1929. I wonder what it will look like in another 80 years?

Picture from Panoramio

Photo from the State Library of Victoria

I've gone through so many photos of Melbourne during all this that I actually recognized the Flinders Street Station from across the Yarra river. This research has gotten considerably easier thanks to the State Library of Victoria what an amazing resource.

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Then & Now: Flinders Street Station Melbourne

After I stopped looking for Rly Station (as it was written on the back of the slide) and realized it was an abbreviation for railway station my search went faster. The Flinders Street Station was much easier than Collins Street to find since it has not changed noticeably since it's constriction in 1910 (thanks Wikipedia), but you can see how the surroundings have evolved over the past 98 years.

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Then & Now: Collins Street Melbourne

If anyone was wondering were I've been the past couple of days, (or maybe not) I've been spending my time researching photos of Collins Street in Melbourne Australia. This is an offshoot project from the scanning of the family slides. What I thought would be a five minute job really drove me crazy; no problem finding old photos, a lot of time to find the modern one. I all I can say is thank goodness they never tore down the Manchester Unity Building. Not only is it a great historical landmark but also a wonderful frame of reference in lining up photos taken over a 100 years. I still can't believe I was able to find these photos. Pretty good for never visited Melbourne.

Photo from Melbourne Photos

This is the slide that started it all.

Photo taken from Railpage

It's great to see how one street has changed over a century. I wonder what happened to the homeopathic pharmacy sign in the top right? If I had tried this photographic research 20 years ago it would have meant a trip to Melbourne… so basically I got myself out of a vacation. Damn it. I'm working on some more of these then & nows from Melbourne, but I just need the time.

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Time Memory


During WWI my grandfather's brother was in the merchant marines and after the war ended up in Australia. In the 1950's he came back to visit and left behind a few boxes of slides.


As my family history project of scanning the slides is slowly progressing I can't help but be moved by these captured moments of time. To me it's a "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there it hear it does it make a sound?" line of thought. If photos are not viewed do the moments they store never happen? A life span is such a blink in the cosmic time frame. To me photos have always been a way of prolonging your time here to be remembered and capturing that perfect moment and memory.


So I guess in a way I'm being selfish in doing all this work. With me remembering the past, perhaps one day someone will see a photo of me and wonder.

And no Mom I am not maxing out my VOX account storage posting all the slides.

I wonder if any of this looks familiar to my Australian neighbors?

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