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Hard Too Rock Without Music

It was an easy decision to put in for the Guitar Hero 3 replacement Wii disc. If any game should not be in mono it's a music game. The problem now is that I'm faced with three to fours weeks sans Guitar Hero.

If this was any other game it would be a non issue, but the casual gamer aspect of Guitar Hero really makes it a very sticky game for me.

Did any of you go in for the replacement disc? How long did you wait for your Digital Dolby surround copy to arrive?

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I Rocked So Hard I Only Hear Mono

Actually you haven't gone deaf from playing too much GH3, the Wii version only outputs audio in mono.

Activision is working with Nintendo to replace your disc with a re-mastered version of the game that will support the Dolby Pro Logic audio of the Wii. So sign up now for the pre-registration to score a replacement disc.

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