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Happy 3rd Voxiversary

Well it's been another year here on VOX for a total of three and I hate to said to say it but I think my blogging honeymoon is over.

This blogging thing is a lot of work.

In previous years I did a round up of (what I felt were) my best posts, photos & events that happened here. Unfortunately this year you're not getting it. I really dropped off the map this past year and only posted 10% as many posts as my first year on VOX. Of course I did sleep more, so there's an upside to everything.

My initial reason for blogging here was to document all the happens of the family, but once I realized that people actually check Facebook, I started to move stuff over there.

Secondly last year I really started trying to post on stuff that I had first hand knowledge or effected me personally in some way. That really brought down the number of superfluous posts but it also broke me from daily posting and like going to the gym once you stop going it's hard to start again.

So for this coming year I'll going to make an effort to post at least once a week, if nothing more than for the fact I enjoy writing and I really miss doing it. Plus I've totally missed out on my neighborhood here. Children have been born during the time I've been away!

The mistake parents can sometimes make is to put everything they enjoy on hold and defer to their children and with an ever growing family that's been the case. But a lesson I've learned is that you've got to make time for yourself or you'll go crazy and VOX is a great outlet for me in that regard. Plus (hopefully) children move out.

So here's to another year on VOX. I just wish they would let us export / backup our blogs.

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