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Good Feelings Gone

That's strike two Steve. I'm starting to lose that warm and fuzzy feeling where Apple can do no wrong.

Interesting that the 16GB version of the touch sans the January software update is $50 off and $100 cheaper than what they are now calling the Touch V2. It's also the same price as the 8GB model. I guess FutureShop is trying to liquidate the old stock.

Financially you'd be better off buying the older version of the 16GB and playing $20 for the update on iTunes there by saving $90. I'm sure there are some people who won't know this and will get suckered into buying the Touch V2 on the recommendation of commission based sales people.

So when you are out in the stores be sure to educate our fellow consumers.

And Steve, you better hold off on strike three until I buy a MacBook and am totally committed.

UPDATE: Looks like that price of $319.95 for the old version of 16GB was a limited time thing. It's currently 369.95 and the 32GB is now $499.99.

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