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Happy 30th Robyn

This past long weekend was super busy and it kicked off on Saturday night with celebrating Robyn's 30th birthday.

It was in Montreal so we were already worried about being late. Surprisingly enough, actually knowing where the restaurant was located and not realizing it was what cost us 5 to 10 minutes. But in the end we got there before the birthday girl and pretty much everyone else.

Dinner was great (thanks Wayne) and after we went to a club that I had never heard of  but we stayed for only a drink as the group wanted to go dance.

That's when we decided to wish everyone a good night and head home.

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The Festin Lucky 7 Birthday

What a whirl wind tour Donna and I had this past weekend. First was her company winter party on Friday and then on Saturday we went to a birthday party for seven (that's right seven) of our friends at Le Festin du Gouverneur.

We've never been even (even knowing Miranda all these years) and we looked forward to going… also it was great to have baby sitting from the grandparents two nights in a row.

It almost felt like old times again. To be out (and not at one of our kids birthday parties) with so many of our old friends.

I still can't believe that after all these year I never knew that Krista's dad was such a good singer.

Lynsey couldn't help but get into the show.

One of the members of Bran Van 3000 stopped by with a friend and put on a little show later on in the evening.

So happy 30th birthday Laura, Tiffany, Geni, Krista, Marianne, Miranda and Lynsey.

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Phil 30

Last Friday my brother in-law Phil turned 30 and Saturday his brother Nick held a party for him.

Donna and the boys stayed home since Jade had a touch of gastro during the week so we decided to error on the side of caution. Read this post if you think I'm a pussy for not wanting to get my kids sick.

I got totally stuffed (I was still full the next m orning) with dinner. Nick had these… well he called them hamburgers but they must have contained half a cow each. They were massive.

Some of the gang (everyone except me since I didn't bring a bathing suit) played some water volleyball. I took some pretty cool time lapse photos of the game.

Happy birthday Phil!


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