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And On The Thrid Revision…

After all this time there will finnally be cut and paste on the iPhone / iPod Touch 3.0 Software release.

All kidding aside, cut & paste while a basic need that users have been begging for (myself included) there are other features that will be included in the summer release.

  • In App Purchases will let you buy more levels in games or add ons for applications for example. Hopefully it just won't be used to micro payment us to death.
  • Landscape mode is now available in mail for typing. Not a killer point for me, but some people are dying for this.

  • Push Notification Service. Apple can push information to your applications like AIM or hopefully FaceBook so you don't have to load said application to be updated on messages received. It's not background processes but it's better than nothing. Hopefully they will deliver on this feature, unlike last years promise of push notification that never materialized .
  • The Maps application can now be integrated into other applications and developers can (with their own maps) enable turn by turn directions using the GPS.
  • Peer to Peer Connectivity will let people play head to head games or share information in applications.
  • Accessories will connect to the 30 pin connector or by Bluetooth  and communicate with your iPhone / iPod Touch. First generation iPod Touch owners are out of luck since we do not have Bluetooth. Some very cool possiblites here and I can also see some very expensive hardware as well.

  • iPod Library Access allows you to better control your music when inside a game or application.

Up to now I've payed $30 for software upgrades to my iPod Touch (while they have been free for iPhone owners) and it looks like I'll be spending another $9.99 when version 3.0 is released and I'm fine with that I really am.

Even paying $40 is still less than one month of service with Rogers for the iPhone and I would have payed at least $1350 over the past 15 months I've had my Touch.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to have an iPhone if someone was willing to pay for it.

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