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Christmas & Boxing Day 2008

Wow, did I take my sweet time getting these posted or what. I think it's taken me this long to recover from the whirlwind of the holidays.


As you can tell by the darkness outside the window the boys didn't sleep in. We opened up our gifts at our place, which took considerable less time then it took to wrap the gifts.


Then it was off to my sister's for the family gift exchange. I really like their Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer inflatable on their lawn, it's so cool. It's also nice to see the little cousins playing together. They got to the same daycare, but we rarely get to see them interact.



After my sister's it was off the in-laws for gift exchange and gifts for the kids. At this point it was only lunch time. Then we visited Donna's uncle for a bit and saw some of her family.


Afterwards it was onto Donna brother's place for dinner. I was pretty tried by this time and Carts crashed on their couch for an hour or so. We also got to play some Rock Band on the Wii.


Boxing Day we went to my parent's during the day for gifts for the kids. Due to our crazy schedule of the day before we decied it would be simpler to do it then.


Boxing Day eve we visited with Donna's family and all the little cousins (since everyone was busy with their families on Christmas Day). Iron Man was a very popular payjama this year for the 4 year olds as you can see.

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A year can pass so quickly, it just seems like were closing up 2007 with Christmas and New Years.

Our biggest and best news of 2008 was our lastest (and last if you were wondering) edition, Annika. People ask what's it like to finally have a girl? It's pretty much the same as a boy at the same age. It's not like she's dating yet. Her brothers adore her and won't leave the poor girl alone.

ET and Carts turned four and two this year respectively. Which is hard to believe they are that old.

Anyone with kids will tell you it's better to keep them active and busy and boy did we ever this past year.

Once more we got our season passes to LaRonde and easily got our money's worth from it. Donna being pregnant sat our the rides but ET was tall enough this year to go on all the kiddie rides himself. That left me able to sit with Carts.

We also made it up to Bark Lake a few times this summer. Not as much as I would have liked to but with gas the price it was I'm not complaining. There was even some nice weather and my sister Kimberly and her family came one weekend. So all the little cousins could play at the lake together. I didn't get to go sailing for one reason or another (mostly rain) this year but there's always next season.

When also went to the Caban au Sucre, the Biodome, met Dora and Diego, saw Arthur l'Aventurier and the animals at Granby Zoo (which I only now discovered I never posted about), Lake George, Thursday car nights and an insane number of birthday parties.

The boys really enjoyed the holidays this past year as you would expect.

ET knows that Easter is just around the corner from Christmas, which is really cute but can also wear on your nerves.
On Saint-Jean we went to the local train museum with my parents, but Donna had to work as she deals with Toronto and they were still open. For Canada Day we watched fire works and the kids played, I was even interviewed by Ronald McDonald. ET even tried out some rock climbing. Labour Day saw us visiting friends in the Eastern Townships but only for the day.

We were also really lucky that a number of my family from out of town were able to attend ET's 4th birthday party.

All the best to you and yours in 2009! I can't imagine all the stuff we'll be doing next year.

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Quebec Votes 2008… Again

Now that the 2008 American Presidential race (GObama) is over we get to look forward to the 2008 Quebec Provincial election! Exciting isn't it?

You wonder why there is so much voter apathy when it seems every two years there is either a Federal or Provincial election. So even though we just had a Federal election we now have a December 8th Provincial vote.

Local Montreal CTV News has more in depth coverage of the announcement. Unfortunately I can't embed it.

This morning I saw the first party sign up at 8am even before I had heard officially that the election had been called. One thing to be said, it's nice not having the USA's two year long campaigns. But I guess we make up for it by having elections more often. At least the campaign is only a few weeks long.

Remember to get out there and vote people!

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Halloween Day & Night

The boys had their light weight Halloween costumes of Dash from the Incredibles and pit crew for Lighting McQueen for daycare which they really enjoyed. But lets face it, that's just the warm-up for the main event later that night.

Being off for paternity leave left me able to pick them up early and see all their little friends dressed up, they were all so excited. I also caught the end of a petite spectacle that was put on at the daycare.

As per tradition of the past few years my parents came over to see the kids (I have to say kids now, not boys. Having a third kid is really starting to be work). My dad comes out with us and my mom helps hands out the candy, which was really helpful this year as Donna might be feeding AR and can't exactly make it to the door.

But she did get dressed for the occasion.

You might not think Scooby-Doo and Batman necessarily go together but they do trust me.

Scooby Meets BatmanScooby-DooBatman

As us men went off to forage for much needed supplies (candy) we left the women folk to tend to the children (I'm so  joking about this).

We cast our net wider this year and doubled our normal route. Taking turns of pulling the wagon (but my dad did most of that. Thanks dad).

I've perviously made mention of the lengths some people in my neighbourhood go to decorate their homes for Halloween, but seeing is believeing. These people certainly have some imagination and time. One of the places had one cropse face down with a knife in it's back and a gallows with another hanging. Yikes!


Now I have to apologise to Donna. Running up to Halloween she was worried we'd run out of candy. I assured her not to worry and we'd be fine with the 80 bags she made. But still she bought some more just to make sure we didn't run out. I'm sorry honey you were right.

A little after we got home trick or treating and my parents left we got nailed by a pack of teenagers that nearly cleaned us out. I quickly turned off the lights and moved the pumpkins to the back balcony before the next batch could descend upon us. Today Donna estimates we got 120-130 kids show up. Yikes! That's alot of kids.

Till next year everyone.

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Get Your Paws Off My Pumpkin You Damn Dirty Squirrel!

After all the work that when into our Halloween pumpkins there was no way I was going to let that squirrel start munching on them.

That was the plan. The video tells another story… certainly not my finest hour. But in the end he jumped into the hedge and (knock on wood) the pumpkins are un-nibbled upon.

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Halloween Prep

As any of you with children know that their next favorite seasonal event after Christmas is almost upon us.

This year the boys painted their own little pumpkins and Daddy couldn't help get in on the fun. ET did a great face on his and was done in five minutes and Carts took at least thirty minutes plus painting his.

I guess he wanted to make sure he painted the whole thing. ET said my Nightmare Before Christmas one was cool, but I had to explain to him that daddy cheated and used the internet and his was much better because he thought it up himself.

Pumpkin faceMixed paintDaddy using google image search to impress his children


Like past years, we carved some pumpkins. And by we I mean Donna empty's them, I carve them and the boys check out how I'm doing during commercials. Which was okay, because I had a big headache and they were going to cause my head to implode. Last year we invested in a carving set that came with stencils that are really make the job faster and easier.


Also the boys classes at daycare made their own pumpkins and I snapped a photo of each. Boy they are spoiled. In my day we had one pumpkin and we liked it that way.

So what has your family planned for Halloween this year? Pumpkin carving? Costumes and trick or treating? Or turn off the lights and hide, hoping your house won't be covered in toilet paper?

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Camping & Great Weather… At The Same Time

In what will probably be our last camping of the season we spent a great weekend at the lake.

My sister and her family also came up, what a great surprise. I don't know what it is but the boys seem so much more manageable when they have their cousin around.

My dad took ET swimming and he's really getting the hang of it. ET not my dad. ET has really improved this summer considering how many times we've been swimming which is not much.

On Sunday morning the boys woke up at 5am! I had to light lanterns in the gazebo since it was still dark for the next hour. I was not in the best of moods. Thankfully at 7:30am Donna let me take a three hour nap. I felt human when I woke up at 11am.

And a big thanks to Kim & Phil who took all four kids for a walk and boat ride in which my two fell asleep (maybe because they woke up in the middle of the night!?!)

The funny thing is that I forgot my digital camera at home. For some that's like forgetting their arm. So my mom let me use her's. Thanks mom!

And to top off a great weekend, there was no traffic coming home.

IMG_4163IMG_4194IMG_4193IMG_4192IMG_4191IMG_4186Three Little CousinsIMG_4183IMG_4180IMG_4179IMG_4177IMG_4175IMG_4166IMG_4164


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Canada’s Olympic Drought, Over!

All I can say it thank god we started winning some medals! I was starting to get worried there.

Although this has been my least watched Olympic Games ever (not from lack of interest, just lack of free time), I was still keeping an eye on the Canadian medal count. Unfortunately, for about a week the count was stuck at zero. I'm relived that we're not going to be walking away empty handed.

I am disappointed with the lack of sailing on CBC's on demand site, I would like to have seem some sailing and see how the pros do it.

Holy crap, way to go Australia!

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Day Three

When we (the parents) finally got up (as apposed to the kids who were up sometime around 5 or 6am), it was over cast but a few sunny breaks.

We ate at this great old retro dinner and we got a corner both to fit all of us. The boys had to be sat apart as siblings at this age usually have to be. Downside to not being a coffee drinker, you don't get free refills, orange juice is not cheap.

Then we hit the outlets. I still can't believe that there is not one consumer electronic out store in the whole area, they would clean up with all the board husbands with nothing to do.

Funny story. We got caught out in a thunder storm across the street and down quite a bit from where we parked the car. So we called my mom so the kids could say hi, since last night they were asleep when we called. So we waited out the storm.

After finishing off the left overs from Pizza Hut we spent the afternoon at The Great Escape.

Thanks to the thunderstorm the park was less busy then yesterday so the boys got to go on a few more rides (the Train) and visit their favorites (the Motorcycles).

Went swimming in the heated pool at the Lynn Aire Motel. ET loved and Carts did a great dive into the pool. He wasn't even scared, but it finally got him in.



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