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Then & Now: State Library of Victoria Melbourne

When the State Library of Victoria opened in 1856 it contained 3800 books, today it holds 2 millions books, yikes! I'm guessing at one time it was called the Melbourne Public Library since in the 1883 painting and 1950's slide you can clearly make this out. I have not been able to find out when it was changed but in the 2007 photo you can see it only says Victoria now. Their detailed history on the library's official site refers to it as both the Melbourne Public Library and The State Library. Maybe a local could clear this up for me. Or  maybe it was referred to as both. You can only learn so much with the google.

Photo from Flickr

You can't tell much has changed except for the addition of the dome in 1913 that is. If the slide had a wider angle I'm sure you would have been able to see building cropping up all around it. But I'm trying to match the then and now photos as best I can to the slides I have.

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Christmas Starts Early


This weekend we started the Christmas festivities early.

We spent the morning with my family for brunch. And dinner with Donna's. The boys love it because they get to open presents a few days early and get to see all their cousins.

I haven't seen something this crazy in a while. It was chaos when you have as almost a dozen kids opening gifts at the same time.


On Christmas Eve day Jodie and JP came over and the boys got some more early gifts. Lucky them. Jodie has a great Christmas tie you should ask her if you can listen to it.

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PJ Chritmas Day

I took the day off because Carter had a follow up appointment today and I thought I could get some Christmas shopping in also. Little did I know I was going to have my plans derailed.

Today at daycare was their Christmas day. So everyone was in PJ's, and a play and Santa were also planned. The boys were in Spider-Man PJ's (as you can see).

The doctor says Carts' is fine and on the mend, so that's a relief. After dropping him back at daycare, my mom's car (that we are borrowing while we pass judgement on the fate of the family van, just passed a historic mile stone) refused to start.


It got towed and luckily my father in-law lent me his car so I can get around for today and tomorrow.

Thanks to the afore mentioned generosity of my father in-law I was then able get back to  the daycare and see Santa making the rounds. Though I did get there too late to see ET get his gift. I spent two hours in their classes and it was great to get to know their friends a little bit better and see how good they can be when they want to. I also kind of got roped into doing some face painting on a few kids in ET's class but unfortunately we had to leave before we got to everyone.

My niece Jade is in Carts' class also but she was a little scared of Santa. Ethan was the same his second Christmas. Of course there was a girl in their class that was frea-keen-ing out. She just hid in the back of the class. Hopefully next year she's over her fear of Santa. Kids that small usually haven't made the correlation between Santa and Christmas morning yet.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Continuing our week long voxiversary celebrations here at grantalias.

Over this past year I've posted tons. Most were forgettable but for argument's sake lets just pretend they were all golden. Ok? Some were fun, others serious and most self-deprecating. But they all helped me (I feel) improve my writing and it was time well spent .

Here are some of my favorites.

  • Sealand has managed to garner two posts here on grantalias over the past year. One about the principality going up for sale and the other how to get your very own lordly title. I don't know what it's about Sealand that captures my imagination but I get so excited just at the mention of it.
  • I have no problem laughing at myself, just so long as I'm the one making the jokes. And there certainly hasn't been a shortage of material to be inspired by this past year. Whether I was pulling a Henry Kissinger, grocery shopping with a headache, crushing on Doc Cottle or terrified of spiders growing in my ear I tried to laugh at the situation every time.
  • VOX has provided me with a perfect outlet for one of my favorite past times, the rant. Three things that I cannot stand are email hoaxes, prequels and Michael Bay films.
  • When VOX partnered with Snap, I posted on the features of SnapShots. What's really cool was being mentioned on the Snap blog along with other VOXers who were using the service. Famous! Like many other VOXers I got a free pack of Moo Cards to help promote my blog. I still have every intention to order more, I just need the money to do so.
  • But it can't be all fun and games here at grantalias. Sometimes I let down that blogging wall and talk about subjects that have touched me such as Dr. Herbert Savel's artwork or political questions here at home.

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Christmas Spirit

We really got an overdose of the Christmas spirit this weekend.

The tree went up. I froze watching the Christmas parade with the boys who were nice and warm in their snow suits. I should have worn mine, I'll have to remember for next year.

The boys went for a train ride at the mall. I was terrified that Carts would fall out. Thank god he proved me wrong.

And today the whole family went to Wal-Mart to see Santa Claus arrive by helicopter.

Needless to say ET can't wait for Christmas.

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