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More Photos & Excuses

I’ve added pictures I took @ my parents the day after PHIM’s wedding and photos from Bark Lake of the weekend after when it seems everyone was up there camping. I took some video that I hope to make into some postable videos but we’re working like crazy to get the house ready for Ethan’s 1st B-Day. I thought I could get the deck painted but acording to the Weather Network it looks like it’s going to rain every other day so I can’t paint the deck.

Kimberly & Phillippe Jetté

This past saturday I saw the most beautiful girl in the world (after my girlfriend of course), my little sister Kim get married. All my best to the newlyweds! Kim and Phil are a perfect match.
So I’ve posted the pictures in the photo section and as soon as I have time (yeah right) I’ll post a link to the wedding video so you can all download and keep it for ever and ever.
EDIT: so here’s the link for the video. For highspeed connects only it’s 24mb 🙂

Anne & Chris Wedding Reception

So first off,congratulations to the happy couple! Way to go Anne and Chris! Great reception, and from the DVD, a great wedding in Cuba!

So I’ve added the pictures in the Photos section and here’s the link for the video. It’s only good for 7 days and a limited number of downloads so if it goes dead let me know and I’ll repost it.


ps. now off to bed, ’cause man, I need to sleep

EDIT: I’ve created a list section where I will put the link for the video on the left of the main page


Week round up: Ethan, Work & Kitchen, oh my!

So this morning I had to take off 2 hours of work and run around looking for a heat duct (not duck) elbows and stuff so that they could be installed under the new kitchen that was installed. And boy does it look great. Check out the before and after pics.

After draging myself to work, ’cause by now it’s too hot to work (@ 9:30am), things went pretty well. So rushes, no "oh my god, oh my god get this out last week!" crap. That’s always a plus on friday. And i got everything entered in the shipping log. Yah me! I guess you had to be there.

Today marked Ethan-Ty’s first week (5 working days that is) at day care. He seems to have taken to it a little too well. I don’t know if i should be happy that he’s able to sit down and start playing and not even notice that I’ve left or feeling that I’ve already failed as a parent ’cause my child doesn’t cry when I leave him. Personnaly I think he’s playing mind games with me… or maybe not


edit: I’ve added all the recent Photobucket albums here aswell. I might start using this for my photo ablums….