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Doctor Who 2011 Series Ramps Up

If you have even a passing interest in Doctor Who you might want to know that our time traveling Time Lord is returning to earth in time for Easter with “The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon” (See who many times I slipped in time? Oh there’s two more). For us Canadian’s that means April 23rd @ 8pm on Space.

Less than a month away to air and the BBC has been releasing quite a few videos and photos that they hope obsessive fan boys will post and tweet to build up some hype (d’oh!).

I’m not going to break all this stuff down as others have a full time job doing that and do it well. Let’s just say I’m excited and looking forward to watching a new series of Doctor Who with the kids. To bad I don’t have a totally awesome Doctor Who t-shirt to do it in. 😦


Mr. Bean in Your Waiting Room

After death and taxes there are two constants in the universe.

1) You are going to have to wait in a line.

2) Mr. Bean will be playing on the waiting room television.

I don’t care where you are, Doctor’s office, DMV or even Ikea you’ll been entertained by the silent adventures of Mr. Bean.

Mr Bean @ Ikea