My iPhone Telephoto Lens Review

Rarely do I buy completely completely frivolous things for myself but when all the tech/ apple  blogs posted about the iPhone Telephoto Lens on Photojojo I had to give it a try. Thanks to Billy @ Photojojo customer service  for answering my questions about photo and video quality I clicked buy. They even posted a video so I could see it in action. At 35 dollars USD plus shipping to Canada I felt there was very little to lose on this purchase.

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First off this will not replace your DSLR with a real telephoto lens or a high end point and shoot (or even a low end point and shoot). I know it’s the iPhone but it’s still just a cell phone camera people.

For the most part the photos are quite good considering you’re using a $35 attachment but with no image stabilization in the lens you really have to keep still over you’re all over the place.

In a well lit area and keeping still you can really get some clear photos but you are still held back by the cell phone camera limitations of the iPhone. Great for people standing still, not so good filming kids playing sports.

Video is pretty good but  there are a few limitations. The video seems a little under exposed, not a major problem. Also around the edges of the frame the video can at times look slightly distorted or out of focus.

Even with all the short coming the iPhone Telephoto Lens works pretty good for the price. It has certainly saved me a couple of hundred dollars this year that I was planning to spend on a HD video camera and best of all I got a little dinosaur in the box.

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