Follow Me Follow You?

Us Internet elite (oh how, I wish) have been using Twitter for a few years now.

I follow my favorite bands, celebrities, TV shows, comic writers, the a fore mentioned Internet elite (love you guys) and a few people I know from internet or IRL.

I’ll never have 100,000’s of followers and that’s fine really. Besides everyone knows it’s just a popularity contest that makes the ones from High School pale in comparison. God… if you told me twenty years ago I’d be pining for High School again I would have punched you in the face.

The idea behind Twitter (and all social media) is that if it’s done right it’s granular, organic and most of all there is transparency. You have personal investment in the other party and they in you. Like the kids say keen’ it real.

That’s why getting continually getting followed by people, organizations, companies and social media experts (they don’t get their own category so much as a special level of hell when I get a blind follow) gets me down. There’s three kinds of follows I hate a) I’ve never heard of them, b) are not relevant to me in any shape or form or c) have no idea how they even found me in the millions out there. That’s why I fell dirty knowing that they are only looking for a knee jerk follow back to bost their numb. Let me tell you this isn’t MySpace and I’m not going to thank you “for the add” with some god awful animated gif of a [add cute animal name here] doing [add some adorable act here].

There’s nothing worse than when someone blindly follows.

Thankfully, Twitter can lead to funny internet videos that only the cool kids understand…. but for how long.

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