Free Comic Book Day 2010

Attention to all open and closeted comic book geeks alike, May 1st is Free Comic Book Day. I know, again! The earth has cycled around the planet once more.

If you have never read comics or managed to kick the habit, Free Comic Book Day is a great reason to visit your local comic shop and discover how awesome comics have got in the past years.  And get horribly re-addicted to them again.

Now the selection will vary from store to store as the stores themselves incur the cost of the comics. It’s free for you but someone has to pay. Try and go early rather than later or just hit every comic shop in your town. The Comic Shop Locater is a good tool for this.

As always I’ve got my eye on the Owly and Friends book. Owly is just so freaking cute! I know my kids will probably be fighting over who gets the Sherk, Toy Story and or Sonic the Hedgehog ones.

I’ll also try and get the Del-Ray Showcase and the Oni Press Free For All as I’m always on the lookout for a new series to read and these two are a great chance to read stuff outside my usual deconstructed Superhero genre I prefer.

If you enjoy the a for mentioned deconstructed Superhero genre I would recommended picking up Irredeemable at Free Comic Book Day. Imaging Superman going insane and declaring war on the earth and killing millions and no Batman to use kryptonite on him.

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