Ding Dong The Vox Is Dead

Sadly after four long years I’ve made the jump from my VOX blog to WordPress.

What at one time I would have thought impossible leaving VOX, SixApart has made it a much easier choice with their neglect of my once favorite blogging site.

Honestly I would have left sooner but since VOX lacked an export tool I was effectively walled in (along with everyone else) and there was no way in hell I was going to manually copy 700 blog posts.

The VOX community had addressed this issue over the years but with limited results with posts from Typeset and Alexleonard to name a few.

As it turned out WordPress has build an import tool for us lost in the wasteland VOXers and I can not tell you how excited I am to have saved my blog. WordPress is a breath of fresh air compared to the stagnant tool set of VOX. I even wrote half this post on their iPhone app.

A lot of things have changed in four years. Back then I used my blog as a tool to share all my photos and videos with friends and family. Now I use Facebook. I used to post incessantly about everything and anything that popped into my mind. Now I use twitter. I also had two less children which has seriously cut into my free time spent infront of the computer.

What I will miss is the community that grew up around my VOX blog. Luckily a few have transitioned over to Facebook and Twitter so some of the old gang is still around.

One of my neighbourhood from VOX has done an excellent write up on import tool and what VOXers looking to break free of the walled blog can expect.

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