Sloan – Hit & Run

The new Sloan EP Hit & Run has dropped (as they say) and it’s pretty good.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sloan I’ll make the assumption that you don’t live in Canada but if you do… shame on you. And if you don’t live here you should move, I’ll wait.

Do yourself a favor and click play below and listen to the album as you read the rest of my review. 

Sloan – Hit & Run

The title of the EP is most probably in reference to band member Chris Murphy being injured in a hit & run accident this past summer. That caused the group to cancel shows while he recouped.

As a long time fan it hits all the Sloan standards with tracks like Take It Upon Yourself, hand claps and all. It would have fit in nicely on their 1999 album Between the Bridges. It Is Never is pure Sloan awesomeness, but I’m a sucker for layered songs that build up to distortion endings that reprise the main theme. Plus I’ve always had a man crush on Patrick Pentland and his songs.

One of Sloan’s strengths can also be a weakness on a five song EP like Hit & Run. With four distinctive song writers the variation can be jarring switching between them. Jay Ferguson’s Midnight Mass is a perfect example of this problem. It’s a good song but sandwiched between two up tempo ones brings down the energy. Which is a shame since Jay Ferguson has done some really great songs with excellent lyrics and melodies over the years.

That said it’s a good addition to the Sloan catalog of memorable songs.

Sloan is offering the EP in MP3 320kbs, Apple Lossless and Flac formats directly from their site in addition to other music stores.

This is unreladed to the Hit & Run EP, but Witch’s Wand was one of my favorite songs off their last album Parallel Play but the video that I just got around to watching is so weird I have no idea what’s going on.

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8 thoughts on “Sloan – Hit & Run”

  1. If you're unfamiliar with Sloan I'll make the assumption that you don't live in Canada but if you do… shame on you. And if you don't live here you should move, I'll wait.
    haha..too funny!
    Sloan is awesome!!!

  2. Nice song and pretty filmography. My first listen, thanks for sharing this. I hope the hit and run victim is feeling better.
    I'd love to move to Canada! I was favoring Toronto but my boyfriend has his heart set on Nova Scotia. Any suggestions?

  3. Well Sloan is from Nova Scotia, but are currently based out of Toronto. Personally (since I live here) I like Montreal. But if your french skills are poor it might not be for you.

  4. Oh I forgot about Montreal! How do you like it?
    My mom is a French teacher and I was fluent by the time I was 16 years old. So no worries there. We're looking for that kind Canadian spirit and a friendly community. (Not rude and hostile like where we live). Anyway…..

  5. Well I've lived in the suburbs across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal my whole life but you can see down town (if you have a clear view better buildings and trees) and if no traffic I can be there in 15min.I like that even though it's a large city it's still small and you can get around quickly. Every time I'm in Toronto it at least an hour (or more) to get anywhere.I miss going downtown as I don't work there anymore :-(. I think I was the only person who liked taking the bus and metro 😉

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