First Camping


We visited with our friends Aaron & Cynthia and their kids at their cottage on Saturday (all be it a little later then we planned, first camping of the season is always rough and takes forever to pack for).

Let's just say it's never a good sign when your GPS shows you driving through trees. Thank goodness Aaron was waiting for us out on the road and led us the last little bit to their place. I was staring to get worried that we had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

That afternoon we drove over to my parents campsite (my sister and her family were also there) for an afternoon of swimming and later for dinner. It was a little crazy with seven kids under the age of five but it was still fun to see everyone.



I stayed up with my brother in law Phil by the fire (with a few beers) and whet to bed around midnight. Around 5am the kids woke up. Thankfully my sister Kim took them for a bit and let me sleep in.

It might look like I took the boys sailing the whole day, but it was really my dad who took them for two of the three races. My Lazer is a little small with an adult and two pre-schoolers.


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