Live From The Twitter: Political Edition

Just a little help from my tweets.

  • 10:44 Tiananmen Square protest 20 year anniversary, Associated Press archive photos: #china #tiananmen (via @latimesphotos) #

I was talking with a 20 something co-worker and made a offhand comment about Tianamen Square. He had never hear about it.

This blew my mind that he had never heard about one of the worse attacks on a people by a government in the modern times.

  • 10:30 We'll have the full transcript and recorded video of the President's speech on shortly. (via @whitehouse) #

  • 10:27 The Great Firewall of China Stands Tall, Still Not Unbeatable – (via @mashable) #

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2 thoughts on “Live From The Twitter: Political Edition”

  1. I knew of the infamous man standing in front of the tank, but this post was very educational and helpful. I ended up linking from page to page, I never knew how terrible Tiananmen Square was… thanks for posting!

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