Get Green, Save & Reduce E-Waste

Earth Day is April 22nd and BestBuy has a tie-in promotion that might save you some money.

You can get a rebate on certain consumer electronics if you bring in a corresponding old gadget (in working order). Get money off on a Blu-Ray player when you bring in a DVD or VHS player. The savings are not stellar but it might cover the taxes.

I took advantage of the Earth Day promotion and bought a Canon A1000IS to replace my beloved intermittent failure Canon A550 Powershot.

Not much has changed between my old A550 and the new A1000IS, think evolution not revolution.

With just a weekend's use there are some features that I already like.

  • Smaller form factor
  • larger LCD on the back
  • Eye candy like cross dissolves between photos in preview mode.
  • A face detect feature that will follow your subjects face.
  • Tells you what megapixel the photos sizes are in the menu.

It will take me some time getting used to the buttons as they are flush with the camera body as opposed to being raised as the A550. And it's just so small.

Over all this promotion is a good incentive to get people more responsible with their e-waste all be it with a carrot. BestBuy and FutureShop have been recycling old and broken consumer electronics for years. If they only promoted this year round and not just around Earth Day to cash in on going green.  

The cynic in my can't help but think that this may contribute to e-waste as people will cycle out their products before end of life. When these products die or are replaced will people recycle them properly? 

If you want to recycle your gadgets check out the Consumer Electronics Association's site My Green Electronics for a list of recyclers near you and Earth Day tips how to be green all year long.

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