The Lake In The Winter

March 1st my Dad, the boys and myself went up to the lake for an afternoon of fun. We had been putting off the trip for a few weekends and since all the snow was melting it was now or never kind of thing.

We parked in our usual spot on the road except we had to shovel the snow. Bad enough we had to do that in the city, but at the lake as well? I'm glad we only go up once a winter

We managed to get down to the lake (those of you who know how hard that can be in the summer just imagine what it can be like in the winter) and the boys we jumping off the dock on to the ice. In some photos is looks pretty melted out there but we saw cars on the ice road so it was strong enough for us to (thankfully).

The boys had fun pushing the snow off the boats and tossing twigs out on to the ice. They really liked demolishing the snowman they helped make.

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